Reducing current of a boost driver, KR1 LZ4 940nm swap

I have been wanting to swap the Osram LZ4-00R708 (940nm infrared) LED into a Noctigon KR1 host, but the 12V boost driver in the KR1 is a 2A driver when the led is max 1A current. Maybe there is a way to reduce the max current using a customized version of Anduril so that the emitter doesn’t burn out. I’m not very knowledgeable about modifying drivers and other electronics.

The LZ4 also uses an odd footprint so I would be buying it already installed on a star board from Osram. Still should have a DTP even if the board is aluminum so heat wouldn’t be a problem. That specific LED is similar to the XHP35 in having the 4 dies in series running at 12V, it just has a lower max current.