Reference beamshots

Convoy c8,stock 2.8A,XML t6-3b, around 22000cd

Modded SRK,2 x xml2 t6 3b and 1 x stock cool white XML dedomed,around 9A, around 30000cd

Jacob a60 with xpe-2 driven at 2.4A, around 50000cd

Small Sun ZYT08 at 3A, with XML u3-1c,around 50000cd

Yezl y3, stock 2.4A, around 50000cd

I was quite surprised that the Yezl y3 seemed quite a bit dimmer than the modded small sun…
Tree was around 50m away.

You can also get a good idea of the flood of the srk…

Hope you find my first pic post useful!

You’re pic is deleted.

Sorry, took me awhile to get it right!

Nice pics!

I never get tired of seeing that blue beam leading up to the target. Love me some powerful throwers.

Very nice beam shots. Beautiful area there. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, they were taken on a plot just outside Pretoria, where one of my co-workers is lucky enough to live! ( He took the pics for me too…) :smiley:

Very nice shots Flitsmal. The little jacob holds it own. I love throwers and they are one of my favorites.

Thanks for the night shots Flitsmal. How do you like the Yezl Y3 and how did you get the light back from the other side of the fence?

I believe a Yezl Y3 will be my next personal build, thanks for the shots!

Well, the nice thing about throwers is that if you switch them off, it’s like you never actually threw them, so I got them all back from the other side of the fence when I switched them off… :bigsmile:
I like the y3 a lot, finish,output,dual switch and size/shape, just a bit disappointed the reflector is flaking a bit….

nice beam shots :slight_smile: interesting SRK with the one dedomed emitter and two regular ones to give a good combination of throw & flood. :slight_smile:

It is a nice light, probably one of the best budget stock lights around!

nice beam shots, always a pleasure to look at photos with throwers. that Small Sun ZYT08 at 3A cough my attention more than others, maybe i should buy one… or should i resist…. I have to resist…

I am quite happy with the light,especially with a Dr Jones driver wired in as well!
Originally I was going to use the original LEDs dedomed, but ‘broke’ 2 of them, so I thought I would try 2 neutrals with the 1 remaining dedome. Since then I have figured out that we can rebond those wires at work… :smiley:
I still want to find a place where I can take shots at 300-500m, and see what the throw is like on these lights…

It is a great light, but if I build another one I will be putting an mtg2 in it! ( But only because I already have this one… :wink: )
I am impressed with it, the u3-1c works well, tends towards neutral, although it is cool… ( Definitely less cool than the y3…)
I think I like the y3 a bit more myself, shape,matt black, good stock performance, but it is more $, and the reflector is flaking a bit….
I guess we all differ, Joat is slightly disappointed with his zyt08 stock, but like I said to him I think you have to be outside to appreciate what it can do… I thought it was pretty good stock…
I think it is definitely a must have light, especially for us collectors… :slight_smile: Resistance is futile… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. Seeing pics of lights/beam shots makes me want to see them first hand.

That’s what hanging around this place does to you… :bigsmile: