Reliable and affordable 18650 x1 light?

Both of my Convoy S2’s have become very unreliable over the years. I’m looking to replace them.

Looking for a similar light, with more reliability. Suggestions?



How many years and what sort of unreliability? Have they taken a lot of physical abuse? A lot of people swear by Convoy for a good value budget light brand.

First thing to do is just snug up the driver ring. They get loose, the light goes mental.

1min fix.

Zanflare F1

+1 on finding out why the Convoys “have become very unreliable over the years”.

What exactly are they doing that makes them unreliable??

It may well be a simple fix as Lightbringer mentioned or just a good cleaning & re-lubing.

I really can’t suggest anything “more reliable” than Convoy. I have never had one become “unreliable”. And I have more than a few. :+1:


And the tailcap retaining ring.

This :point_up:

Any kerfuffle with Convoy is dead easy to fix. It’s precisely what makes them reliable. (Unpopular opinion) They’re better than Surefire at it.

This too :point_up:

In my older S2 that had a retaining ring on the driver (it was 3x7135), if the ring was even a milimeter loose, it would flicker, change modes and generally act like a horror movie prop. My M1 behaves like that too if the tailcap isn’t screwed on VERY tight.

I just bought an orange S2+ for $10.50 shipped. (couponsfromchina) I’ve got 8or 9 s2’s. I keep telling myself not to buy anymore, but I can’t help it every time I get a good coupon. What’s $10? I first came here hoping to learn to mod lights to simple lo/med/high. Unlike some guys, I’m only mildly annoyed at the 3/5 .

just buy a few more Convoys then? they are reliable, only depends how u use them etc… they dont cost much so buy it a few and u will have backups, doubt there is many better cheap, blf a6 also good.

Very good input. I’ll try the above fixes and report back with the results!

Any news?

Are there any coupon codes for banggood for the blf A6.
Will a klarus 18 GT IMR 31 run this light well. I ordered the 3D

It’ll run great with it don’t worry.

I won’t do any more bad mouthing of Convoy. I swore off of Convoy quite some time ago for a few reasons, all of which I won’t get back into. It’s done and over, not worth rehashing. I will share that I was in need of a few Convoy Bistro drivers and I really liked those 60 degree TIR optics so, I wanted to get some of those as well. I thought the orange S2+ was nice looking as well so I added it to my cart. I was also in need of 3 S2+ pills for lights that had them missing when I got them and I was going to use a few to build a light for a few friends that needed them for various reasons.

I contacted Simon on his Ali page and asked if it was possible to buy 3 pills. I was more than happy to pay for them but, he replied that he would add them to my order for free. I was very grateful and thanked him. So, just that one little thing, that super small thing to him was huge for me. Simon doesn’t know me at all and I am positive that he didn’t even know about my prior complaints. It was that small act of kindness that cost pennies but immediately made up for almost a year of hard feelings. Hard feelings, vanished in an instant. For that I am truly grateful and humbled. Gratitude is indeed the best currency in the world.

Now onto my input as to absalom’s problem. I have had a many of S2+ tail switches start acting funny over time. I started keeping spares around to swap them out when the light started acting goofy. That and the tail switch retaining rings always seemed to work themselves loose. Easy fixes.


That’s pretty great of you to put that out there.