Remote mounting driver inductors/toroids

In a pill with limited height but enough room off to the side, what would it take to move these coils off the driver boards? Wire size? Stranded or solid? Are there any 'rules' to follow to minimize any effects on how they function?

I do it, and use the biggest wire available, at least as big as the coil wire. Just don’t go too far away. Don’t worry about polarity either, coils are not polarity sensitive.
I’ve done this to add heat sinks to the FET and diode that are usually underneath them.


As long it is just a few mm you are adding I see no real issues, no matter if u use solid or lit wire it just has to be capable of the current which flows through the toroid so try to use similiar sizes.

I think even if you would steal one turn of the wire it would still work like before… But I would probably add a small piece of isolated wire.

Theoretical issues could be, that through the pulsing current in the toroid the wire could work as a antenna which inducts current on a place which isn’t capable of this jamming……

simply try it and find it out.

On either of these the coil will have to go outside and just above the pill in the dead space around the reflector. Wire length should be a max of about 1". I already have a slot in the side of the pill to give the shortest possible path for the extension, don't think it can be done any shorter.

Give it a shot. It might not be as efficient and it might cause a bit more RF interference, but I would not worry about it burning up. The peak coil currents are usually several times higher than the emitter current, that is why I recommend large wire.