Remote pressure switch for hunting flashlight


I want to make several tactical remote switches for me and my friends. Can you help me tell me which button switches best to use to buy from Aliexpress or Ebay … because there are many models? Not to be so noisy (because they are used for hunting) and to withstand.

  • How, with what to press the ends of the tire? With some heater or …?
    If you know more, you have some additional ideas … please help me to do it nicely!

Thank you!

Nobody will help me! :frowning:

At least tell me which micro switches would be best for hunting lamps. Which switches hold over 1000 pressures? — Are these best switches for this purpose?

— Or are these the best?

— These are easier to press because they are larger 12x12mm and my tile is 15x 60mm and I have places for larger switches.

What do you think are the best switches for this?

And how do you think I can do this, how to close it?

I have bought several different ones over the years. All were crap and stopped working early. But they are cheap. So buy a few, figure out which feels best, then buy several more if that one.

Yes that is correct!
Still I think I buy these small 3x6x2.5 switches. I think they are best for these “remote pressure switches”.

I just do not know how to do this press! Or what exactly do I buy so I can close it like this?

If you have an idea how to do it!