Removing optic from KR4?

Is there an easy way to replace the optic without destroying the old one?

I’m trying to swap a flood out with a regular type and the flood optic is absolutely wedged in the head. There’s enough room to get a piece of paper past the optic but a sheet of paper provides no leverage. I could pry it out with a knife but need to reuse the optic.

Just occurred to me that a suction cup around 20mm in diameter would probably help. I do not have one. Any other solutions?

The low mass of the tiny plastic optic combined with the thermal compound the feet are stuck in rules out shaking it loose.

Maybe this thread will be helpful:

Blu Tac best bet
Switch it on high for a little bit to warm the thermal compound underneath.
I just used a cocktail stick to pry it out over the o ring, then blu tac to pull it out. (CRX’s advice, as usual)

Well, that thread is helpful in that I know I’m not the only one this has happened to. :smiley:

Probably need to order a few of each different type of quad optics and not even try getting the old ones out delicately. There is just no way to get any leverage the way the KR4 is currently designed. Going to have to use industrial strength adhesive or drill the thing out.