Repackaged: Eagle Eye X6 host kit w/BLF box $15.99.

Available again re-packaged in BLF box to keep it from getting banged up, now $15.99.


Edit: Neal has confirmed that this comes with the AR lens.

Edit: I also confirmed that host DOES come with tapped holes and screws. :slight_smile:

Edit again: It only comes with one tapped hole and screw.

Does it have any of the extra goodies from the BLF Edition like AR lens? Or is it stock version?

David - Based on prior posts it is the stock version

Yes, but at BG it is listed as BLF Special Edition version. It claims to have glass lens, but doesn’t claim AR. I’m curious whether it is worth buying this host kit, if the stock version light is a couple dollars more and comes with an LED and driver already.

Edit: for those who haven’t clicked through yet, but would like to know - it says that the host body has no logos.

Good news! :-)

It does seem to have the improved tail-section, so that is great!

It is a pity that those 'Maxtoch' copper boards are not included because the commonly available 20mm Sinkpads and Noctigons are thicker than the Maxtoch one, the bezel may not screw in completely with them (guessing).

I wonder if there are screwholes present in the head for the ledboard.

Is that size AR-lens available?

I think you’ll be okay with a little thicker MCPCB. I just took the bezel off mine to look, and the shelf around the MCPCB is a little higher, suggesting it was bored out to accommodate the thicker ones. I don’t have a way of testing that theory, but some people have already modded their X6’s and may be able to confirm or deny the ability to fit a Noctigon or Sinkpad in there. What was improved about the tail-section? I don’t remember reading about that.

3.24$ for a ARlens, driver and led on copperdtpstar…shows what a bargain the groupbuy was…

Or how expensive the host is :smiley:

Possibly both, but remember we got those upgrades for only about a dollar more than the stock version price with the GB. Also, the GB light is listed on Banggood site with a ‘regular’ price of about 50% more than we paid for ours. So, yes, we got a good deal with this GB!

I agree, the group buy light was a real bargain, the host, not so much

What would make the host more interesting is if they made an extension for 2-18650’s

still, compared to other hosts for sale, e.g. the Convoys, $15 is more than fine!

For $16 you get a fully functional and not too shabby C8. Just sayin’

The stock x6 is only $3.14 more, seems the host could be a little less than 15.75, no emitter, driver and assembly

For $16 you get a fully functional and not too shabby C8. Just sayin’

Irrelevant. With that line of thought one can purchase an UltraFire C8 copy for less than $8 complete and everybody is overpriced. :)

As was said, Convoy S series hosts sell for $10. M series for more. It all has to do with the amount of metal needed for production and the machining required. The S2 requires a shorter machine time and less material than the X6. Therefore the X6 is more. $15.xx is more than fair AND includes shipping that everybody so conveniently forgets about. :)

The tiny switch in the EE X6 had me step back and settle for only one of these in my collection.
It may even get gifted as it is not anything that wow’s me or the missus.
True budget light and BLF branded for the GB… okay, that’s worth something, but as a $15.50 host? Nah!

I would be wiling to bet that many people are still going to jump on this host. They are just not available but from only two vendors. After many seeing what Dale and company keeps accomplishing with X6 many are going to want a host just to modify the hell out of and play with.

Funny how at the beginning of the GB many were screaming host, host, host and willing to spend the $15 on it. :) I am betting that many of them, and even more that purchased complete X6-SE's are going to buy them.

What he says…

Neal has confirmed that this host kit comes with the AR lens….nice!

Im looking into haveing some copper heatsinks made for this host around 5-50 if anyone is enterested once done ?