Replace LED display backlight with ultra high CRI LED?

I want to change the backlight of my monitor to high CRI led, I found a CRI 97 LED light bar, the voltage is 24 V, my monitor power output voltage is 19 v

i want to know

1. Can the high CRI light bar use the original driver and power supply of the display and support dimming

2. If not, can you recommend a suitable driver and power supply for me
I hope non PWM dimming can adjust the brightness linearly (just like the display) and the lower the minimum brightness, the better

This is interesting. Most computer monitor backlights are really high CCT/blue-rich without much red. I’d be intrigued if this improved things like sleep disruption and vision loss from extended screen time.

That will completely mess the colors up, brightness will probably go down as well.

I don’t think it’s a big problem. Maybe I can recalibrate it with the color calibrator?

i did just that to a samsung 65” tv.
all i had on hand in a 2835 3v led was 5000k 90 cri i rebuilt the strips with them.
it turned out fine.
reds slightly exaggerated but nothing awful.
the O.P will do better to replace the leds on the original strips.
there are many types and not all can be had in hi cri.
and the strips are often designed for a specific panel.
i saved strips from a cracked high $ ips panel and they appear to be around 5500k with a slight pink tint.

At the risk of talking the patient out of unnecessary surgery, have you actually measured the light coming from what’s there and is it already high CRI?