Replacement Bulb for Fulton Flashlight

If I put this in my Fulton angle head flashlight and run it off a 26650, it should handle the voltage correct? I just need to worry about heat.


Should work, though I suggest a lower lumen LED because the Fulton’s reflector is shallow and most of those lumens would be wasted and these lights are not intended for much heat.

I run my Fulton’s on 55 lumen Nite Ize LED’s - these are rated for 2 to 6 cells, so they will also work with D cells.


Where did you get the spacer for the 26650 cell?

I make them.

Thats awesome!

i also print various adapters.
renders alkaleaks obsolete!
btw my old angleheads have metal reflectors and bakelite retainers.
i have done a few hotwires with them.
newer ones may be plastic.