Replacement for Zebralight SC62w I lost

As the title says….I can’t find it. I’m sure when I finally buy a replacement……it’ll show up. BUT….it was my favorite for a few reasons…and looking for a possible replacement without shelling out for an SC64. :slight_smile:
Why was it my fave?

  1. Super small form factor w/ 18650 (reeeeeallly like how narrow and short it is)
  2. Relatively deep pocket clip that was secure but easy to get in/out
  3. Really good heat management combined w/ good output

So…looking for suggestions for “current” replacements. I looked hard and long at the FW3A and was almost ready to get one…but noticed the FW3A thread where it’s basically stated that many “downgrades” have taken place since it’s release….so, gun shy on that one.
Would really be cool to have a magnetic tailcap for flexibility….but…not a have to.

For reference, I already have an Emisar D4 that hangs out in a drawer…might would carry it again if I could find a better clip.
Also have the Lumintop EDC-18…love the UI, brightness, and tail magnet….but too chunky for me…and less than desirable clip.

Thanks for any help!

Get another one.

I don’t think anything exists that is better than an SC64. Unless you want different emitter options, you can’t beat the size, ergonomics, thermal management, etc.

D4V2 is very good and comes with an option for magnetic tail cap. But it is bigger and the ZL switch cutout is far better.

I have the LE and HI versions, and prefer the LE.

I carried an SC62w every day for over 5 years. Then I got an SC64c with a 219B sw45k and have been carrying that for 3-1/2 years.

You’ll be very pleased with the SC64* series. They’re even a tad shorter than the SC62* body, but that means they’re picky about cell length.

I hope your Zebra turns up before you hafta decide on a replacement. :+1:

Skilhunt M200 hi cri?

Might end up that way….just rather not spend $80. :slight_smile:

I really wasn’t wanting to hear that. :slight_smile: Honestly…and I hate to admit this…I don’t EDC one like I used to….BUT…that very well may be because I lost the SC62 (missing since Christmas this past year…and hasn’t turned up yet).
Yes…I keep looking at the Emisar D4V2….almost bought one a year or two ago….but, as you and I seem to notice, there’s just something about having something so slim and compact, and well done, as the Zebralight SC’s…that I think that encourages me to carry more often.
And YES!!! That button has yet to be equaled IMHO in terms of effectiveness and being easy to find when you just yank the light out of your pocket.

Dang it, goshdogit! :slight_smile: I’m trying NOT to shell out $80 for a light might lose again. :person_facepalming: :wink:
“I hope your Zebra turns up before you hafta decide on a replacement.”
Very kind words…I really appreciate it. Stinks when you try to be content…and the thing you’re content with disappears. :slight_smile:

Interesting…and fairly affordable option. Might consider it…just wish it was shorter. :slight_smile:

You know that you are looking for impossible :slight_smile:

Well….I know from reading BLF over the years…those of us who seem to “prefer” Zebralights, sometimes can’t be pleased otherwise. I was just hoping there was something new (I haven’t really kept up with BLF for about a year or more) that had come available…that I should consider. Like I said, was almost ready to get an FW3A and give it a run, until I read about it’s “downgrades” over the past year or 2. :slight_smile:

I’d like to think I’m not “stuck” on having a Zebra……but…I may just be to that point of NOT being enough of a light collector/hobbyist/enthusiast, that it might be the way to go. I’m still a light snob…I must admit. I cringe when I see some of these cheesy, over-hyped, false lumen-claim lights advertised….after I’ve been shown the “light” by so many cool people and lights on BLF. :slight_smile:

Personally, if I were you, I’d try something a bit different and wait for the Emisar D4V2 with the new boost driver, or spring for an Emisar KR4 with the boost driver.

Im pretty sure one day we will have flashlight like Zebra host and wifi reflashible for 20$ , but we need to wait maybe 10 years more ;D

Haha! Nice.

What a bummer losing a holy grail light like the SC62w. IMO, it was the best handheld ZL ever produced. I must have close to 50 flashlights, and if I was forced to get rid of all of them except one, the SC62w is probably the one I’d keep.

I’ve made up a few batteries re-wrapping with a clear wrap with my name & number, just in case I lose it. If an honest person finds it

That’s got to be one of the most empathetic posts I’ve seen. You FEEL my pain! Makes me warm-fuzzy and laugh at the same time. :slight_smile:
The battery idea…GENIUS! I don’t have the patience or skill….but if I did…I’d probably even include a note about a $15 or $20 reward for returning it. Since a replacement battery would be around $10 and then…of course…the light.

Those are nice lights, but they are a lot thicker and heavier than a Zebralight SC64w.

I have a Zebralight SC62w. Well technically, my wife has it now. It’s a great flashlight! Mine (I mean ours) has a very nice tint - not green at all.

Personally though, if you’re looking for compactness, I would choose my (this time I mean mine) Lumintop FW3A. Much better firmware and maximum brightness. Of course it’s a preference of a side vs tail switch. But as far as overall design, I would choose the FW3A.

Very helpful pics… But how long have you had the FW3A? I see pretty regular comments about recent runs being problematic.

ToyKeeper recommends the Emisar KR4 over the Lumintop FW3A, and I think that's good advice, especially with the crappy FW3As that are for sale now.