Replacement Headband Recommendations

I’ve had a Xtar 18650 headlamp for a few years and the headband is starting to go.

I’m looking for recommendations for a replacement.

The Armytek and Olight look interesting. Let me know if you guys have any experience with either of them.

Also, are the Zebralight and new Convoy headbands any good?

This form factor made/sold by Nitecore & Sunwayman have worked quite well for my purposes:

I have a Convoy headband which I’ve messed with a little. Its ok, ya get what ya pay for. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with my Armytek Wizard’s headband thus far. Comfy, firm, holds well, easy to adjust. Extra o-ring strap if you need more security but ya won’t…

I have a couple of ZebraLight headlamps and I like the headbands. The silicone holder is a tight fit, which is good for keeping the light aimed where you want it. It could be inconvenient if you plan on removing and re-installing the light frequently. I’ve heard of folks tearing the ZebraLight silicone but that hasn’t happened to me.

I also own the Armytek Wizard Pro with the newer style headband and the o-ring retainer. It’s ok, but I find the hard plastic mount a bit bulky and uncomfortable after wearing it for a while.

I removed the strap that goes over the top of your head and both stay put just fine for my uses. I keep the headbands loose so they sit high on my forehead rather than farther down to tightly hug it.

I wear headlamps for closeup tasks and hiking. I’d probably need to cinch them tighter if I was running or doing gymnastics. :partying_face:

Depending on your task, you could experiment with wearing the headband loosely around your neck.

Others have developed a way to re-thread the ZebraLight headband to position a layer of fabric between your forehead and the silicone mount. I find it more comfortable this way, but perhaps a bit more fiddly to adjust:

I own 2 skilhunt headmands, they are the three strap as well and seems high quality. i believe they now even release a new holder with a clip, so you don’t have to fiddle the light in and out


i make my own, i use wide bands 35-40mm (as opposed to stock 25mm bands) they hold the light better, but to use them i make my own holders as well, that are wider, also wider base helps keep lights more steady,
some examples below. i make such holders for all headlight i have, i like them much better than silicone ones, i can easy remove the light from there.

I like your custom headbands and holders alpg88. They look very comfortable. I often wear a headlight for over an hour and can see the benefits of your wider band design.

Another thumbs up on the home made mounts! Are you 3d printing those?


Zebralight headbands for 18650 headlamps feel comfortable and secure.

I like my one! But I’m not sure if the holder will last if a flashlight is constantly being removed and inserted…

Is it comfortable and sturdy?