Replacing current keychain light (Fenix E01)

UPDATE: After reading great reviews, and seeing many recommendation, I decided to buy the ITP EOS A3 R5 Upgrade in Golden off of GoingGear for $20 shipped. Unfortunately, during my search, I was introduced to the awesomeness of AA battery flashlight, and now have a desire to buy a compact but powerful light to keep in my backpack along the ITP on my keychain. Thanks to everyone for their help!


I bought my Fenix E01 in black about 5 months ago, and I have decided that 10 lumens isn't exactly enough for me. It was mainly the looong battery life that attracted me.
I now need to upgrade my flashlight.

I am torn between the Trustfire XP-E F23 ($13), and the ITP A3 Eos R5 Upgrade ($20). Leaning more towards ITP despite price.

I would like to hear some opinions between these 2 lights, and possible other choices (multimode, small, decent battery life).

Thank you!

While the Trustfire is a really nice light, it's just too heavy for a keychain since it's SS as opposed to aluminum. It's also quite a bit larger as it's a tail clicky rather than a twisty. The ITP is probably better strictly in that role.

Another choice would be the Brinyte PD-03A, or the upcoming Tank007 BLF edition. The Tank007 is an AA battery flashlight, but quite workable on a keychain.

Between the 2 you mentioned I would clearly prefer the ITP since the Trustfire is way too heavy for a keychain.

Or take a look at this little fella:

Thanks for your replies. I think I will take out the Trustfire F23. Are there any other lower priced $20> lights worth looking at? Im considering Tank 007 TK703 now haha


I used to have a F23 on my keychain and I agree with the others: while very nice, it's just too heavy unless you have your keys attached to your belt or something. It will also scratch fairly easily. Nothing major, but still. I have no personal experience with the ITP. My current keychain light is a Skyray S1 and, after trying half a dozen keychain lights over the past year, frankly, I think the S1 is a keeper.

It may not be for you though: it's a single-mode twisty, I use 10440s and even though it's bright, battery life isn't exactly stellar. You may know the old adage: you use your handgun to fight your way to your rifle and that's exactly how I see it with regard to keychain lights - they are supposed to get the job done until I can safely get to a larger and more appropriate flashlight. That's why the S1 works for me.

The skyray s1 mentioned above is a really nice keychain light. I have both the ITP and Skyray. They are both pretty good lights. The skyray is a little thinner than the ITP and both have proven durable.

My current EDC is UltraFire SA-R1, which replaced my earlier F23.

I like the size and output, and it doesn't look ugly either.

Note that it's twisty. (I'm fine with that, especially because of smaller size)


The stainless lights are heavy. And imo the r5 hotspot is too large, the old q5 xp-e was better.

Check the Xtar WK20. Pretty short run time on a CR123A, but I don't think theres is a brighter keychain torch.

The DQG does look pretty sweet.

Or, I would suggest you hang in there for the Tank007 E07 BLF Edition. We're expecting it to become available any one of these weeks.

I have the ITP A3 and the Maratac vs. I can't think of a better keychain light than the ITP. The splines are easier on key fobs and the knub is meant for this. Off the key ring, I like the Maratac better.

I want to try one of the E07's coming, but I doubt I would actually attach it to a key ring.

I have both the lights mentioned in the OP, but I use a red Black Cat as my keychain light. I like the throw of the Black Cat more than the flood of the iTp. My other set of keys has a light I bought from Boaz, the Nitecore EZ AA, with an XP-G in it.

As long as you get the newer iTP A3, with better UI (IMO, some like M-L-H) and higher PWM, it should be just perfect.

I´ve had it some time ago but I went nutZ and gifted it away. To be honest, a random guy gave me a very specific tip at car forum, that saved me ~600€...

At the moment I´m between two lights, have been a looong while, iTP or DQG!!

Now, that is the question.

Thanks for all the reply.

Whats the different between the XP-E, and XP-G of the older and newer ITP, aside from lumen rating.

xp-g is larger die and larger less bright spot. Too large and unfocused IMO if you need to illuminate anything more than a girly stone throw away.

+1 on the E07 or the Itp A3.