Replacing high density LED with high intensity

My current ebike headlight has an xhp70 HD led
If replace it with an xhp70.3 HI what would be the difference given it will be in this setup:

That’s some setup.

You know which volts led you need?

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I have a dc converter for 12v, I’m looking for a 12v xhp70.3
if everything works well, maybe a I’ll upgrade the converter to an adjustable one and overdrive the LED

Idk about all that, but I’m pretty sure you can switch from a domed to domeless version of the same LED whenever if it’s set up to use the same volts as the last one. Main thing that would change is the beam and how it works with the reflector.

Btw why is the cathode mark on that emitter lined up with the ‘+’ on the board? That doesn’t seem right

That doesn’t look like a genuine Cree Cree xhp70.2. The die looks different and the phosphor pattern doesn’t match? Maybe it’s the lighting, but it lools like a Chinese clone. If that’s the case, I’d be circumspect about overdriving it

Yes, it’s absolutely fake, that’s why I opened this thread asking where to get a real one: where to buy genuine cree LEDs? - #11 by Maverick1947

Should I file a dispute? I don’t know how to prove it’s fake to aliexpress
under 18w that "xhp70"gets insanely warm and produces very poor lighting!
I covered the LED’s dome with a masking tape and it got burnt after 3 seconds, would a real cree do that @18w while attached to a 175 gram heatsink?

Yes, a real xhp70.2 would do that. I doubt you’ll get anything from the seller…maybe a 30% refund. Worth trying.

To get genuine Cree LEDs,, Convoy Store on Aliexpress, Mountain Electronics, Mouser, Aarow.

So a real cree xhp70 gets to 200+ Celsius in 3 seconds @18w while attached to a big heatsink?
aliexpress always refunds me, but I always show proofs

Thanks for all references, the last three are pretty expensive considering international shipping,
convoy doesn’t answer my questions… kaidomain looks more serious, possibly will buy from them
Do you know OTdiode on aliexpress? they claim to buy cree from the US and solder them in China

You may not like the beam pattern afterwards- especially for use as a headlight. You’ll likely lose a lot of the useful beam spread/ spill. Plus the overall lumen output is less for a genuine HI vs HD. (I’ve done similar swaps in some flashlights and one I went back to the HD.)

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thanks! I’ll stick to HD then

You could try using this image from the xhp70.2 datasheet and point out as many differences as you can find

Also some pictures here that idk if you can use as proof but just for reference

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the dome’s side view in the scheme is 4.34 >>> mine is about 3.8
Dome’s length/width is 7mm >>> mine is 6mm… it doesn’t reach the edges of the chip, as seen in the first post
also the dome is curved walls in its 4 edges unlike the original which are cut straight like 4 walls

There ya go so if you open a dispute and AliExpress needs proof you could use that

lol the seller now admits it’s not CREE… blaming me for not realizing it by myself…
asking to cancel the dispute

Never cancel the dispute

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