where to buy genuine cree LEDs?

my current headlight has a fake xhp70 which I wanna replace, mouser and digikey require ordering many pieces! which source is considered to be trusted?
Looking for xhp70.3 @ 4000k-5000k, preferably with a board and 12v
Also, do you know up to which voltage it’s safe to over wattage it? I already have a nice heatsink for it


Convoy’s store on AliExpress is awesome. But you have to figure it out the output of your driver first. Does it really outputs 12v?

Convoy flashlight Store

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Are they selling Chinese CREE or American?
I already have a chinese xhp70 which is really bad
Would 90v-12v 3A dc converter work? will be connected to my 72v ebike battery

You sure about that? I don’t think that’s the case with digikey at least. I’m building an order right now and have ordered single LEDs in the past.

I never bought anything from them, but it keeps requiring large MOQ

That one you happen to be looking at is only available in “tape and reel” i.e. 1000 pieces. Search again for ones that are available as “cut tape” which can be just one piece. I see plenty of them.

I did a search with some filters based on what you described:

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this is awesome thanks!!!

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Original Cree only, wherever they are produced…

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is there a way to verify whether convoy aliexpress store sells genuine CREE LEDs?

Compare the two I suppose

Simon, who owns Convoy, is a very active user here. His shop been around for 10+ years. Don’t worry buddy. It’s the real stuff… I own 12 convoys myself.

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thanks for the reference, I hope he will answer my question about his led’s origin

I’ve ordered Genuine Cree from Digikey several times. You just have to search for ones that they actually have in stock so you can buy small quantities. Anything out of stock, you will have to order a whole reel.

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