Replacing LEDLenser battery with a power bank - what do I need to do?

Hi all.
I’m very much a novice. I’m looking to adapt my LEDLenser iLH8R to a different purpose/mounting. I’d like to get a smaller battery holder. Could I just snip the cable coming from the lamp, solder it to a USB plug and plug it into a Powerbank Flex 5 (

Thanks for your advice.

No, that ledlenser headlamp looks like it’s using a sealed 18650 cell. These run 3v (empty) to 4.2v (full). USB is 5v.

Ultimately, what are you trying to achieve? Remote battery pack for headlamp? Mounting the light as a bike light?

Thanks. I’m trying to have a remote battery pack, but would like to make it smaller so it can fit in a small pocket.

As far as I know the LED Lenser models have a driver circuit inside the battery compartment, just cutting the cable and running it to an external won’t work. You’d need to run wires from the circuit board or battery terminals out to the external pack, doing this will void their excellent 7 year warranties.

You can’t just use a regular power bank either since their current output is limited and the output voltage is 5V. You’ll need an actual power pack like what’s used on bike lights, first you’d need to measured the current draw that the LL uses on Turbo and then find a suitable battery pack.

It’s not as straight forward as you would of hoped.

You must also be from New Zealand since that power bank link is I’d suggest in the future to stay away from LL since they’re so overpriced for what they are. They’re popular here for their focusing lens system since it’s patented, but other than that they’re nothing special.