Replacing LED's and Drivers in light bars???

Long story short the Polaris RZR Premium roof lights suck, It’s really bothering me how useless they are so I want to take the lights out and send them to a professional who can replace the led’s and drivers (hope I don’t have to upgrade the wiring inside the roof). I can’t just replace these lights with any old light bar either because they have to seal properly back into the roof.
I also bought two 5000 lumen spot lights that were amazing when they worked for the 4 hours they were on, I would like to do the same to these as well, now the question is…. Who the hell would I send them to to get this done??? I have googled and googled but come up with nothing. Hoping to find someone locally but at this point anyone will do.

Perhaps you could contact Richard from Mountain Electronics (RMM), he sells his own light bars and should be able to tell you if that is feasible or not.