Replacing T3 with A19 LED

I am trying to change the stair light fixture on the wall with A19 LED bulbs. When I opened the fixture and installed the A19 LED bulbs, I noticed a warning saying “to reduce the risk of fire, use only type T3 119mm”. My A19 LED bulbs and the T3 bulbs on the fixture both have the E26 medium base. The LED light bulb turned on too. I am just wondering if I should be concerned to use A19 LED bulbs for it. The risk of fire should be less? I am using less electricity, which means less heat generated. Can anyone please provide some opinions.

Thank you

Welcome to BLF!

As long as you’re using high quality LED bulbs with the required safety certifications there shouldn’t any problem! The warning label says so only because the fixture wasn’t designed to be used with LED bulbs, or perhaps was made in the pre-led era. LED bulbs are 100% backwards compatible and have no chance of catching fire when installed correctly.

If both your fixture and led bulb runs on 110v without any kind of adapter/transformer then there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks for replying, the fixture and led bulbs both run 120V. It says there, so I should be fine?

I’m sure it will do fine. I’ve installed a few heat-sensitive decorative hanging lamps which are made from some kind of paper and the warning says “use only CFL bulbs under 10W”. But it doesn’t mean I can’t use LED bulbs!! Almost all of these warning stickers were made for the pre-led era but some companies keep using them.

Ok, I will try to use the A19 then. Thank you :slight_smile: