Replacing the drop-in of my Skyray 3T6


my skyray 3t6 passed away a month ago.

I'd like to replace the dead drop-in with a new one. I looked on manafont and cnquality goods but I didn't find it.

If it isn't too expansive, I'd also like to see if I can "respawn" the old one. So I unmounted the drop-in (it's already dead... I can't make it worst), and here's what I got.

Where can I begin?

thanks in advice.

Put it back together and replace the driver with a suitable one. Search KD and MF for one you like.

I would desolder the driver first and make sure that the wires weren't simply guillotined by the reflector.

If that's the case, the repair may be even simpler.

AFAIK Rev0 was not a drop-in design.

IMO, none of the Sky Rays (any revision) are very reliabile. Just a matter of time if you just use it and the PCB boosts and boosts esp at the end where it is well over 3A on the input side. You might be able to use it for quite a long while if you use it in spurts of a few minutes at a time sparingly.

I menaged to unmount everything.

the driver is absolutely gone. Were can I buy a new one?

Manafont has one for $5.80 USD, and KD has a $14 offering. Search 3xt6 driver