Repulsor flashlight! Iron man would be happy to have it ;)

Hello! :slight_smile:
We’d like to present our new project who got quite a lot of money for producing on the Kickstarter!

It’s called the Repulsor flashlight and it’s created for people who want to have only the best gear of the highest quality! :sunglasses:

Repulsor project is a new generation light system with genuinely unique technological features.

The total luminous flux of Repulsor is 7911 lumens (according to the world standard ANSI/NEMA FL-1). That’s more powerful than any other serially manufactured flashlight of the corresponding size. Each flashlight’s lens has the beam angle of more than 60 degrees so Repulsor will perfectly illuminate the space ahead of you, leaving practically no dark corners.
You can point the flashlight lenses in any direction. You can direct one light beam forward and another one backward.

Unlike most flashlights you have to hold in your hands, Repulsor is fixed at the back of your trousers’ or jeans’ belt with the reliable fixing device. Such design is very comfortable as it leaves your hands absolutely free. All this is possible due to the “Hands-free” technology where the flashlight is not a mono-block but is divided into three elements connected using flexible fasteners.
Repulsor is suitable to be used all year around. All you need is a belt to have your Repulsor securely attached.
The flashlight is specially constructed to have a perfect weight distribution. Despite its weight of 2.8lb, you won’t feel it on your body. The light temperature allows you to use it both in bright and dull weather.

Repulsor is a real monster of light. It’s perfect for search operations in low visibility conditions.

We managed to achieve the non-stop 90/115 minutes work due to the integral battery with advanced discharge rate. That’s a wonderful result for flashlights of this type.

The flashlight’s body is made of high quality anodized aluminum which provides great protection from scratches and minor damage.

Repulsor will perfectly suit rescue services and force authorities. Due to its robust aluminum body frame and its powerful hardware, Repulsor is the best choice for situations where other flashlights are useless.

Due to the built-in USB-port and the powerful battery of 8000/12000mAh, you can always charge your smartphone, tablet or camera in places where there is no access to any power source.

Here’s our project on the Kickstarter :

Please, ask any questions! We’ll be happy to answer them all! :wink:

s. yes, that’s us again! sorry for having posted our topic in the wrong category before! hope, this time it’s right :wink:

Welcome to BLF, interesting project. Are those automotive HID projectors?

I’ll take one. Love the 4300K tint. Should be a way to separate the two halves and just use one individually if u wanted to.

to the moon!

There is only one high mode on this? Way too much powerful for most tasks.
Do you think there will a LED version? I’m thinking CREE XHP70

Was I seeing a projector step cutoff in the kickstarter video? Looks like HID projectors.

how about the heat management?

+1 }:slight_smile:

If it’s HID, there’s no issue. Except of course the pain factor on the actual housing itself touching you. :-((

Seems like it would get more than just a little warm.

First impression, this must be a belated April Fools joke.

After I realized that it was for real… Man would I be embarresed being seen wearing that contraption.

I suppose it will appeal to the flashlight geek who just has to have one of everything but its not for me.

This thread sounds more like an ad, but it looks like a flood light based on the optics, you would want a hotspot, flashlights appear brighter when they throw farther.

this is BUDGET LIGHT FORUM, right?

man… i am seeing two powerful “driving lights” on gooseneck… both hooked up to a bag/pouch battery pack… corrugated plastic “automotive corrugated poseable wiring loom” on the gooseneck…

then we could PUT any emitter/lens/optic we wanted on the thing… plus not get prison-raped for battery prices from the company…

For some reason, I thought of Data (not the Star Trek version) when I saw the first image.


I would hate to have to twist my body to look at something to the side. What’s wrong with headlamps?

this reminds me of the guy, lttle ways back on here? his project was, he wanted “massive” but floody light… he wanted a 100watt COB led, and a backpack for massive runtimes… this seems similar idea,

I want those Maglites! Where is this clearance sale of clearance items? O:-)

How warm will these get?
Xenon lights?
It looks Russian with those connecting tubes, hmm Ukrainian.

So the main question, who you gonna send a sample for review? I suggest mhanlen if you want a cool video or DBCustom to bring it to our times with LED.

+1 on that thought. If lights mounted on your waist was a better idea; Hunters, Hikers, Spelunkers and Coal Miners would have figured it out by now.

Not saying I’m not curious though. Hopefully someone mentioned above will get one for review.

This thing reminds me of the first time I ever went Elk hunting. I had no one to show me how it was done so I thought it would be a good idea to throw my truck battery in my back pack and go find the Elk with a big spot light. We found a massive herd and came back at the crack of dawn with our rifles. Of course they were long gone.
The only smart thing I did that night was parking the truck on a big down hill so I could bump start it with a dead battery.

Make a better Coon hunting or Caving light. I could see a market for that.

Lemmie see: 100W at 12V is 8.3A, so 8-12 Ah is correct. An efficient power source is 18650 cells, you need 3 in series to get to 12V, and 3 strings to get 9 Ah, so if yoy want maintain the 100W for an hour, at least 9x18650 cells (3000mAh) will run this thing. I do not see them quite, but perhaps they are there :slight_smile:

And then, as mentioned, there’s the 2x 40W of heat from those limited size heads with no attempt at finning it off. Perhaps this is not intended for continuous use?

As with many kickstarter projects, about the technical background there’s some guessing involved…

I have a feeling it being around the waist will feel very bizarre. Bear in mind when we usually use a flashlight it’s either on our heads or hands, both of which are automatically tracked by our brains. The waist on the other hand…that’s just completely new. Can you imagine if a user had to really quickly angle the light up but the host was too hot to touch? That’s how memes are born.

I might be completely missing the point here, but this setup just doesn’t seem like a good idea. I can’t imagine any significant market for it.