Reset a battery

Can you reset a Protected battery that reads 0V and won’t activate the charger. I have a 14500 that was fully charged, put away about three weeks ago and when I pulled it out 0V. I think the cell is good so it would work unprotected. Can it be reset?

If the charger wont do it :

+ to + and neg to neg from one Li-ion to the other .. Might take a few goes , hold for about one second , give it a few tries .

Thanks. I tried that over and over and it wouldn’t go. I was just about to strip it and I tried shorting it for a second and now it works. Put it in my vice and just touched it together with the neg on one side and the pos on the other.

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I had the same problem. You need to strip circuit protection.

If a charger won't reset the circuit I use a higher voltage for a moment. That usually works. I have used 12 volt batteries before but for less than one second.

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Since I'm using a hobby charger I just put it to NiMH setting and charge the battery for a few seconds. Works like a charm.

The xtar Mp1 does that. Had to reset a few batteries that way that were a bit overly discharged in dual 18700 setups. The WP2 does not however.

I think I'm having a similar problem, that the protection keeps kicking in my TF flames. I just momentarily pop it in the charger, and it's back to normal. Really annoying. Thinking of removing the protection. I don't run them down to empty anyway...

I have now had trouble with two recent trustfire flame 14500s. Never had problems before this last few. I either have to short it quickly or put it backwards in the charger for a split second. Neither of which is ideal or comforting to me.