resistor colour code mnemonic

Anyone know a family friendly mnemonic for resistor colour codes? The one I remember is definitely not suitable for teaching an eleven year old.

I bought an electronic project to teach my step son to solder. Its a battery powered bug that reacts to light (yep, he’s going to have to build/mod his own torch too 0:) ) I just want to be able to teach him how to id his resistors before we start the build. When we do start it, I’ll do a build thread to go with it.

Any mnemonic would work for me, and I don’t care how obscene it is.

Me, I Google it every time.

I know the colour/number set off by heart - same as wire tags and I served my time wiring panels/building labelling machines.

That’s not helping my stepson learn though. :bigsmile:

The rhyme I know, I would not post up one here without starring most of it out.
Basically its

0 black
1 brown
2 red
3 orange
4 yellow
5 green
6 blue
7 violet
8 grey
9 white

First band, first number
Second band, second number
Third band, number of zeros

Gold/silver band tolerance

This one must appeal to the English:

That’s perfect thanks. Mine manages racism, sexual assault and sexual discrimination into one little rhyme…. :bigsmile:



I taught my 10-year old and 8-year old to remember “B.B. ROY of Great Britain has a Very Good Wife”, and it stuck to their heads in 30 seconds.

I wish I could remember the one my college tutor taught us, but we had a senior student and, well, his version was more appealing to a 16 year old. A 33 year old father and step father has different views though….

Just decided to google it….

Mine is worse than black boys….

Gotta pm me that haha

I learned the bad boys version… In high school!

But I remember it to this day.

Bad booze rots our young guts but vodka goes well… :party:

That’s a new one on me, I like it. Not near as bad as the one I was taught.
And in school I never did meet this girl they called violet. :bigsmile: