[Review] 219b R9080 in A6

So I have a BLF A6 that I mod’d by replacing the stock emitter with a “NICHIA 219B NVSL219BT-V1 4000k sw40 d220 L2 r9080” that I bought from Azhu’s WTS thread
This is the nearest match to the SST-20 4000K review I just posted yesterday.

As you see below, the 219b hug the BBL very well until you get to Turbo. To be fair, I probably shouldn’t be turbo-ing these things. But they have low output by design, so I can’t resist. CCT, Tint, and CRI all go to heck on turbo. Please note, the Moon/Low/Med output levels are customized on this flashlight. The reports each detail what the FET and 7135’s are set to in the firmware.

A6 219b Moon.pdf
CCT: 4266
Duv: –0.0003
CRI (Ra): 95.7
TLCI: 97

A6 219b Low.pdf
CCT: 4261
Duv: –0.0002
CRI (Ra): 95.3
TLCI: 96

A6 219b Med.pdf
CCT: 4281
Duv: –0.0012
CRI (Ra): 95.7
TLCI: 96

A6 219b Turbo.pdf
CCT: 4736
Duv: –0.0171
CRI (Ra): 85.9
TLCI: 96

So these things leave me with either low output, or low quality light. Therefore the SST-20 reign supreme for me.

Also, that Turbo reading was with the light mostly cold. It wasn’t allowed to warm up before the reading was taken.