Review: 504 XM-L from Dinodirect

From Dinodirect - Cost with Coupon was $13 [ some might thing that unlucky ]

Well its not often you can pick up a 5 mode XM-L for $13 , and this isn't one of them , dont get me wrong , I thought I was ordering the 5 mode , DD advertised the light as a 5 mode , and the 5 mode was what sold me . What did I get , the much despised [ by me ] 2 mode + strobe , I really dont like this mode arrangement , especially when it could very easily be 3 light levels [ Hi-med-lo ] , but some one in there infinite wisdom chose to lumber us with strobe .

Lets check out the performance :

High varied from about 1.65A to 1.9A depending on the battery used , and low was about 0.08A to 0.09A , again depending on the battery .

High varied from 670L to 630L depending on the battery , and there was some output sag , from 670L it would sag to about 645L in a minute or so .

Low varied from 39L to 42L , which is quite good for the current draw ...

There is no PWM that I could detect , so those sensitive to such , might be tempted by this offering .

What I didnt Like :

2 Modes + junk [ was promised 5 mode ]

Emitter is off center

Clicky switch is problematic [ If I swap in another switch it runs fine ]

What I like , thats a nice shinny reflector , might see if I can LEGO it with some other drop ins . Current is where I like it , its a P60 , it was cheap , $13 for a host and a XM-L drop in , I like it . Over all a decent light , the 504 is a nice host , shame about the clicky being troublesome .

I need to use another switch [ Solarforce Tailcap ] , and I may swap the drop in , into another 504 I have which is trouble free and came from and is currently XP-G R5 , I may even swap drivers if I cant live with the strobe .

Bottom line , for the price , its OK , it has issues , but they can be solved [ switch ] , and the quality does reflect upon the price some what , still for the price , parted out , its worth more than what was paid for it , so ....

504 Body ...

Well machined

Nice knurling

well finished

Tolerance on Tailcap a little generous , but when tightened , you wont notice .

O rings where they need to be

Head to body fits well

Bad clicky switch

3 Mode XM-L Drop in


Nice reflector

Of center emitter

Nice beam

Good output for current

Direct drive [ no regulation ? ]

Try ask the DD CS to resend another dropin that IS 5 mode, they will usually agree or send you a gift card. Either way you get a free 3 mode dropin.

Thanks for the review Old! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Pity about the tailswitch. Do you think most 504Bs have bad tailswitches?

Well , I have 2 myself , the other one from Manafont is perfect , never an issue ...

The XM-L drop in now resides in that host , this one is now 3 mode XP-G R5

Beams tonight .

Most of my Ultrafires have had Clicky issues , some more easily fixed than others ...

Sorry , for $13 , ill take it on the chin ! Im not going to chase DD over this , as to whether they see more of my money , well , probably not !

Advertising 5 mode and delivering 3 [ 2 + junk ] well , some folks might see it a certain way - I just think if they want to shoot themselves in the foot ,

Mine drew over 3 amps and I think Boaz's did too.

Yeah, the "three" modes are stupid and my emitter was off-center too.

Also, the reflector opening was just big enough for the actual emitter, like it was made for an XP-G and the black rubber pill cover covered the side of the emitter. The result was (in my opinion) a reflector too high and too small. I cut the black cover opening bigger and screwed on a reflector made for an XM-L and it was noticeably brighter.

Pretty good deal for the price but the 2-mode plus strobe is way dumb. Also, the tail cap o-ring was too thin and did not make contact with the cap.


I got an Ultrafire C1 from Dino Direct with the same crappy tail cap. I had to resolder the switch to get it to work and it never fit correctly. For $8 dollars the Manafont 504B has a much better quality tail cap and switch.

I like the 3 mode what's all the hating about ..?? it's only 33.3% strobe ..a 5 mode is 40% flashy trash .

I like the 2 modes high and low .. low is a very usable low

I love the NO nasty PWM..that's worth 10$ alone to me ..A light with bad PWM is worthless to me ..i won't use it ..As much as i hate strobes i can deal with them vs PWM... this light has memory So it will stay in a mode you last used ..that helps avoid the flash too ..

I like it .As a cheap light maybe i love it ..maybe not ...but it certainly is a light that will sell and impress most everyone except seriously hardcore flashaholics

The older version of the 504 that doesn't look like these at all (from manafont) has worse threads (wants to cross thread )and the finish is like bad paint .These are better than those .

I'd agree that the tails on these might be a weakness since they rock on the threads when you loosen up the tail cap and gently rock back and forth ..Even the solarforces do it ..maybe a little less the upside is there is alot of threads

still at 12.31$ that's the price of a drop in ,,,buy it ...and beat it

* It gets a Boaz recommend

I think the hate on this 3 mode is no medium..with an XM-L in a P60 I think medium is essential..I know I use medium most of the time..wouldn't buy an XM-L without medium after owning the uf-2100 3 mode..thank god there was a mod to make it a 5 mode..

I have four of them (One of them calling itself a Uniquefire L2) - three in the "old-style" 504B body which is 100% interchangeable with the Solarforce L2, even the bezel rings and one in the "new-style" 504B body.

No trouble from the switches of any of them even at full power from XM-L dropins. All of them have spent much of their lives at 3+ amps.

3-mode instead of 5, crappy tailswitch/o-ring, R-whatever on the body, offcenter emitter.

Yep, sounds like mine too!

Wonder if the driver is moddable (is that a word?) like the UF-2100?

The light really needs a medium mode, badly.

Cheap light for my gun. Wasn't expecting much, really...


High PWM frequency was an incredible surprice for me.

How can a light priced like this have proper PWM when far more expensive stuff gets the Every-Mode-Strobe (tm) -version?!

OK, it´s not 5-mode as it says on the site.

For me, 3-mode is better, I don´t like skipping modes all day. Naturally, there has to be that one Strobe so whats left, 2 modes and they are IMO spaced just right. Full power & low low. No visible PWM.

Really can´t complain. Emitter aside? I´ve seen worse on far more expensive lights... 2 received, the other has it in dead center.

Clickies are working on both samples. Will receive some more soon and comment on them also.

No hate here; that bad boy went straight into a waiting L2i.


Modes is very personal - I just happen to hate hi-lo-strobe , and the reason I put my money down was cos of the 5 mode sales pitch ...

Its just as easy to do Hi-med-lo as to do the 2 mode + junk driver [ so that peeves me a little that they chose Hi-lo-strobe as the driver of choice for so many budge lights ]

I would be a happy camper if Ultrafire sold there 3 mode driver [ Hi-med-lo ] as a after market spare part [ Id buy a 10 pack in a heart beat ] ...

In fact I feel like Emailing them now ,

Have you checked manafont? Ultrafire 3 mode XML-T6 P60 dropin. :)

That's funny, pac! 16 bucks plus for the drop-in...NOT!

I own two - and reviews have been posted ...

Well , an interesting development ..

I ran the light on high for 5 minutes while taking out the rubbish :

The beam had a nice white spot in the center , now there is a yellowy brown spot in the middle , yellow on the edge and more brown to the center ... [ of the hotspot ]

Also the entire beam has yellowed out [ damn ] , did it change tint on me ? [ I really think it has ]

I own the dd 504b it cost me $12.31 all in. The tail cap switch is really bad worse than a dollar store light. The machining, finish and knurl are all good. The tail cap oring make no contact at all.The beam pattern is ugly. I robbed a one mode 501b of an internal tailswitch and OP reflector. Now I have a nice 504 and a really bad 501 which I will fix someday.

Dang, old! I'm going to run mine for 5 minutes right now!

I have to admit; this flashlight ain't bad. My switch is fine (so far) the tint is just okay and it is far and away the best UF 50x host I've had. I don't like the 3 second mode retention time but I should have bought more than one.

Don't get me wrong; it's no L2 but it is easily the best/brightest $13 light I have Once you replace all the o-rings, lube that bad boy up, trim the pill cover disc so it doesn't flap over 1/3 of the emitter and put the right reflector in . . . okay, that came out wrong. I'm serious, I do like this light, now that I've fixed it.