[Review] ACEBEAM L17 - My review of the World's furthest throwing 18650 tactical flashlight.

“THE LEP KILLER” My review of the World’s furthest throwing 18650 tactical flashlight.
(the video might not be suitable for younger viewers or Lepers)


False claim without a proof.

Nice ending! :-D All the time I wondered what's the fuzz about 'not suitable for younger viewers' but then... :THUMBS-UP:
However, I liked your authentic H.R. Giger alien creature you used on the former "dangerous place" more than this 60's style alien.

ACEBEAM kindly sent me the green version - currently kept by German customs, so I will soon have a review here for the lovers of green light.
Somehow I like the missing or fading spill of L17, being right in between LEP'ers and reflector throwers.

interesting review, thanks.

I love the Giger universe, I definitely need to use the Alien Queen Green screen one day.

Well, Ellen Ripley failed to drive that nasty alien away in the first place, but a powerful thrower might be the right tool against these creatures. Will look forward to your confrontation with the queen. Beware those facehuggers when you walk down to the farm again...

Everyone wanted a film that explored the biomechanical Giger alien Universe but no, they got lazy and gave the Pilot and Xenomorph human origins. Wish I could write a screenplay, it’d crap on Prometheus.

At least they didn't let J.J. Abrams direct Prometheus. This would have ended much worse in an effect show, only. But yes, I agree. Maybe they should have let James Cameron (co-)write or (co-)directed the prequels to the original Alien movie from 1979. Instead, Scott and Spaihts had this abstract idea about those humanoid engineers which is a bit far off in my opinion. Anyway, after (or before?) Ash they at least kept on using evil androids like David, revealing the true diabolic nature of human kind. I wonder what we get to see with those promised two more films that will eventually join into the beginning of the first Alien movie from 1979.

I don’t know, they are still a bit cloak and dagger on whether the “David franchise” is based loosely on Alien or whether it’s a direct prequel. I just hope if they find the juggernaut that the Pilot in the wreck is a prehistoric alien that the engineers stole technology from or coexisted with.

300 lumens high to 1251 lumens turbo is a huge gap. Any idea what kind of reach and runtime high provides.

My L17 on route from Nitetorch. I am excited about this light’s performance and beam characteristics. I am convinced that Acebeam used the Osram W2 with this TIR which if true makes this quite a unique light to date.

Interested in the performance myself. Like to know what runtime and useful throw this light can provide for extended period of time use on High mode.

It seems someone is spamming/shilling for ACEBEAM lights here. :FACEPALM:
They even tried to write in German language (with little success). The account is probably banned already, anyway.

Actually, a 4x increase in light output is perceived by the human eye as doubling the intensity. I wish more light manufacturers used this as their mode spacing.

I always wonder if folks in the area think,
Nahh, Just that flashlight wanker again.
I’ll think I’ll have a word with him bout this.
Hell NO Man! Have you seen his cat?!!
All the Best,

I’m tempted to try this light but I know I’m going to hate it at 6500k.

lep killer my arse.u clearly havent seen the specs of the fenix t27.AND after a few minutes this is just a LITTLE WEAK TORCH.the beamshots with distance are great(so many don’t) but the info at the bottom of the screen would be easier to read while still watching the beam shots

.u clearly havent seen the specs of the fenix t27

?? The T27?? I am not familiar with this light. Are you talking about the TK75?

Or does he mean the Acebeam T27?