Review : Acebeam M10

Disclaimer : Thank you Acebeam for sending me this free sample for reviewing purpose
Sooo, I got the new M10 in my mailbox…
First I didn’t see it in the cardboard, that tan color sure is a true camouflage ! Don’t drop it in the sand !

Here is my standard French speaking video for those who want to sleep fast ( :wink: )

And a bunch of sweet pics :

A comparison with other AA lights, from left to right :
Thorfire TG06, Olight S1A, Klarus Mi7 and Acebeam M10

Now for the overall impressions :
THIS is how you make an AA tail clicky flashlight !
I received the Tan version, and really like the color. It’s a flat, quite matte color without any sign of gold. (I’m sure that a Convoy S2+ in that color would sell well :wink: )
Machining is good, no burr or anything.
The knurling is a bit aggressive which gives a good grip to the flashlight.
The threads are triangular without any problem to screw the head or the tail.
It’s a REALLY compact light, which keeps the diameter as small as reasonably possible (see the pictures).

There are two versions of UI :

  • Moonlight-Low-Mid-High
  • Low-Mid-High

I have the latter, and really like it.
The mode spacing is good, with 3-50-224 lumens respectively.
The tail switch is reverse, and the clicking is great without any play.
It has mode memory and there’s no minimum ON time to activate it, I like that !

I’ve tested it with a 14500 and don’t like it.
The low mode is quite the same, but there is a huge jump between Low and Mid. The Mid with 14500 is as bright as the High with AA ! Then the High is higher of course, but to me the mode spacing is totally ruined with a li-ion. I’ll stay with AA/Ni-Mh.

The emitter is an XP-G3, in a pure white color. I’m not a fan of CW emitter, this one have a slight green hue in the smooth transition between the hot spot and the spill.

I think there will be a Nichia version, because the package has a ticking box for either Nichia or XP-G3

Pros :

  • Compact, well finished
  • Powerful for an AA
  • Choices in various colors

Cons :

  • Really cold white (depends on your taste)
  • Mode spacing with 14500

It does have a copper MCPCB, though I didn’t test if it is DTP or not…
It has a good amount of grey thermal paste (good quality I think)

Switch assembly :

125 reads and no one commenting?
Thanks for the review X3. That sounds as promising as the announcement of this model, and I would use it with an AA too. I’m sure I will get one (or more!) when there’s a good offer.
Btw, any glue in the head? Even if it comes with a Nichia, I will want to swap it for a 219C 3500K R9050

good combo of ano color and switch color.
And of course good review, as always X3! nice you still find the time!

Lovin’ that tan color! Thanks for reviewing.

There was a little green thread locker which is a weak one, no problem to open the head !
Mine is already swapped, I put a 219C from the 2$/pc. that Mtn did few months ago… but I might dive into the sub 4000K with the next batch you’ll sell :slight_smile:

Thank you, my free time is not what it used to be but it’s relaxing between two diapers }P

Glad you liked it :-)D

I have an Olive version coming. Will post the picts when it comes in. Should be fun to see what all the colors look like in real life.

Thanks for the review! That color is great…would like to see a GB for it. :wink:

EDIT of OP for MCPCB details

I like it.

Edit- want a Orange one.

How much ?

25$ on Amazon

Might have to grab that one….

Interesting read. Thanks! :smiley:

Added a picture of the switch assembly in the OP

So you switched out your emitter to a 219C? Mine came with the Nichia, but it’s cold as ice tint. It’s not bad outside, but a warmer tint would certainly be much nicer. Awesome little light, especially with a 14500 in it.

Love my M10! Appears brighter than my Klarus Mi7 with a 14500, and a bit more even beam.
Olive color is great, and the knurling is grippy perfection.
It should be noted that I’m not overly tint sensitive, but also not fond of warmer tints.

My co-favorite EDC, tied with EagTac D25A clicky.

Quick update, this one ride every day on my 5.11 bikepack :

About emitter swap :
I put a 219C in this light and didn’t notice immediately but the beam is not so nice. It has some barely noticeable rings in the Spill, that you mostly see when moving in front of a white wall.
I think that the reflector is really shaped to accomodate XP-G3 but not so much Nichias.
I might try a High CRI XP-G3 to see if I like it.

Anyway, this is a sturdy light, simple 3 mode with good low (I wish I had the 4 modes with ML) and it holds well my every day rainy work commuting !

I recently got an M10 to EDC. I really wanted a dual 14500/AA light, as I run lithium day to day, but like the idea that I can grab any old AA in a pinch.

So far I am very happy with it. My main complaint is the driver. With 14500 I have found that I basically get L-H-H, the medium is crazy bright, and the high is not even noticeably brighter than medium with lithium. That said, it does the job. I Would like to see how the 4 mode version behaves though. Driver size is between 13mm and 14mm.

Being a warm white guy, I also emitter swapped it with a 3000K 80+ CRI XP-G3 and am very pleased with the beam and tint now. Bypassed the switch spring while I was in there too.

I tested while I had the LED off, the stock MCPCB is DTP copper!

Yeah, it’s the biggest minus of this light : 14500 make no sense with that driver.
I guess they made it 14500 compatible to be abale to advertise it as li-ion compatible only.
The driver is obviously designed for AA.
I use mine with Ikea Eneloops.
Where did you get that High CRI XP-G3 ?
I might swap my Nichia, since the beam is a bit ringy with it

I have actually been getting my emitters straight from digikey these days. Their prices are cheaper than anywhere else I have found, and I can be confident in what I am getting. I just keep a stock of DTP boards to reflow them on to as needed. Although in this case I kept the stock MCPCB as it was already DTP copper.

I’m sure they have 4000K and 5000K if you don’t like it so warm. The only thing I didn’t see which was unfortunate were the 90+ CRI bins, at least in warm white, I didn’t look at other tints. 80+ is still pretty good though.

I have to agree on the driver, I think by 14500 compatible they just mean it won’t burn up. Low mode is good, as is high. I just miss having a true medium. I still use it like that though and it hasn’t been an issue in real use so far.