Review Acebeam M20 1xAAA

Here is a little review about the Acebeam M20 keychain light i got from Acebeam as a sample. Its a newly released light and it comes in different colors like usual for this type of keychain flashlights but Acebeam offer some very nice colors compared to other manufacturers (in my mind). There is black, a desert tan / sand color and a silver one which i got. Im not sure if there is an olive one as well, the acebeam website only shows three colors at the moment. Acebeam also released a 2xAAA (PT10) and a 1xAA Version (M10)

The little light comes in standard cardboard package but the color choice is nice, kind of reserved (like the anodizing colors they offer).

The package contents of the the manual, two spare o-rings, the light itself (with the clip), a silver carabiner hook which can be attached to a flexible "spring". I prefer the bare light without all that.

The 360° view of the light

The machining is pretty good, the structure of the beadblasting looks interesting, it sparkles a bit. The silver version is hard to photograph on a white background.

Acebeam used their "vintage" logo here as well, the irregularities in the laser engraving is because of the vintage logo design (on purpose).

Because of the spherical tail the light can obviously not stand on its tail. I accidentaly scratched the tail because i removed the keychain ring. You better stick a piece of tape on it before you remove that ring.

A look inside the little light, similar to other keychain lights, a gold spring in the back.

Here is the little light compared to other common keychain lights. We have a 4sevens P2 "toxic green" first gen, a first gen Lumintop tool, the M20, the thrunite Ti3 NW and the Olight i3S. The length of those three 1XAAA is more or less the same, the lumintop tool is larger because of the clicky.

Here are some images on a black underground which is kind of nice when you have a light with a brighter color like this.

The threads are smooth but not square cut.

This is the chrome plated(?) carabiner hook you get.

A coated lens is always nice and i expect it from acebeam

The nice thing about this keychain light is not only the color but it also uses a pretty new emitter, the XP-G3 S5. According to the manufacturer we have 3 modes,high with 150 lumen(0.8 hours), medium with 30 lumen(4 hours) and low with 2 lumen(25 hours). A peak beam intensity of 628cd, the light is IPX8 rated.

To the UI: The M20 is a twisty light and has no mode memory, it always starts in medium>low>high. A strobe or SOS is non existent which i like.

Here is a little tint comparision with the olight i3S and the Thrunite Ti3 NW. This is not a brightness comparision! The Thrunite Ti3 is stuck in middle mode because a alkaline battery "exploded" inside, i just use it to compare tints. For a brightness comparision i made the outdoor beamshots (more on that later) with fully charged eneloop batteries.

different apperture

I made two runtime tests with a brand new eneloop and with a brand new 1.5V alkaline. With the eneloop and the alkaline you get 25 minutes of good light out of the M20. The light is brighter with the eneloop.

The white wall beamshots

As a GIF

some outdoor shots

As a GIF

I liked the Acebeam M20, its brighter compared to the olight i3s but to be fair, the i3S is not the newest keychain light from them, i think the i3e eos is the more up to date version with 120 lumen, unfortunately i dont own such a light. The lumintop tool is a first gen model with less than 80 lumen. I wish i had a surefire titan or other lights to compare with. The light stands out because of the nice colors (sand and silver in particular) and the XP-G3 emitter.