“REVIEW”: Acebeam TK16 (AL) – Triple Osram – 1 x CR123A / 16340 - 1300 Lumens [Pic Heavy] - ***BEAMSHOTS ADDED - POST #14***

I made a lanyard for my Acebeam TK16!
As it is a tailswitch light and the pocket clip is non reversible, I thought of this configuration would be the best to grab the light in a comfortable manner to use it with the tailswitch.
It allows to pick the light up from the pocket by the knot/bead in the tail.
It allows to wrap the fingers with the lanyard in different ways.
The orange thread glows under UV so I can find it in the dark with the RovyVon Aurora A8U without turning ON a “white light”!

There are probably other and better options but I came up with this!

I just tested the TK16 Osram version with these three cells. The new Vapcell 800mah is clearly the king of 16340.

Vapcell 800mah
Output: 1,184 lumens
Tested capacity: 781, 782, 791, 757 mah

Acebeam 550mah
Outpu: 1,190 lumens
Tested capacity: 617 mah

Efest 700mah Red wrapper
Output: 1,112 lumens
Tested capacity: 685 mah

Does anyone tested or calculated the real throw of the Osram LED?
I think it is not 338m.
I think it is more in the 250m.

Are you sure that clip is non reversible? … it looks reversible to me.

Changing the battery with the clip reversed would be awkward though since it would scrape against the head unless you used your fingers to lift it slightly.

I didn’t test or calculate the distance, but my eyes saw it reaching at least 200m, as shown in some photos above. More than that, I am not completely able to say concrete data :zipper_mouth_face:

Well, it can be reversible, but it will a) open the clip and force it more, and b) scratch the head.
While with the tip towards the tail it has a “groove” that allows that clip curve to pass without scratching, towards the head it with have friction with the fins! And it will scratch the anodizing.

I should have explained better this before.
If comparing the clip inversion in this light and in the Olight S1R Baton and the On The Road M3 Pro, in these last lights the clip (that has similar shape) will fit much better and without friction with the host!


I didn’t test or calculate the distance, but my eyes saw it reaching at least 200m, as shown in some photos above. More than that, I am not completely able to say concrete data.

Which one has more range: Acebeam TK16 XPG3 or Imalent LD10?

Sorry, but I can’t answer that because I don’t have nor the Imalent LD10 nor the Acebeam with XP-G3. I only have the version with Osram Leds.

Sorry I mean the Osram versus the LD10.

May I ask for instructions on how to disassemble the head?

I believe my answer will be a little like the above one, as I don’t have the LD10 to compare. If I had, I would do real comparisons, but I guess the best way to compare them without that is picking the specs:
TK16 3xOsram = 338m
Imalent LD10 = 247m

About taking the bezel out and reaching the lens / TIR / Leds? I just pressed the bezel against the hand or a glove and rotated the flashlight.
It was not glued. Once you have the bezel out, you’ll reach the rest easily.
If you are asking about the driver side, I didn’t dismantle it, but it has a screw that can be taken out eventually.

Can I disassemble the lens by pushing it from the driver’s side?

Nop! The flashlight has an integrated shelf.
The way to do it is from the top (bezel) as I described.

I have a copper TK16.

Great light. But it did have one problem.

One day, the clip just broke apart and shot off the light. One of the arms on the clip that grips the light literally just snapped off. I wasn’t even carrying the light when this happened. It was sitting on a desk. The light was less than 3 months old at the time.

Apart from the crappy clip quality, it’s a great light.

I asked the question because I thought TK18 and TK16 were of the same construction… I’m really sorry.

If you don’t mind, may I see some images around the TK16 lens?

Here’s an image of the TK18 around the lens and the driver’s side


There's a link in my signature to a thread on how to post pics on BLF.

If you don’t mind I will post it later today as I don’t have the light with me at the moment :wink: