“REVIEW”: Acebeam TK16 (AL) – Triple Osram – 1 x CR123A / 16340 - 1300 Lumens [Pic Heavy] - ***BEAMSHOTS ADDED - POST #14***

Thank you both.

I managed to take some photos above the MCPCB and you can see that below it it has a shelf.

I also took some others, with and without the glass lens, similar to your photo.

I wasn’t able to take the driver of its place. I guess the wires are very short, so I would have to unsolder the driver to take it out.

It is screwed in with 2 screws too, as show in the review post!

No glass lens >>>> With glass lens

Indeed a nice little light! I didn’t have any issue with the clip so far. I just wish it was deep carry from the tail.
I also would like that changing modes was a bit faster (as Olight), but it is not unbearable :wink:
Definitely one of the best, brightest smaller 16340s in the market! :+1:

Sorry. I can’t seem to get the TIR lens out of the bezel side.Do you have any suggestions?

I was able to disassemble it. Thank you.

Yup! Take the bezel out, take the lens, take the o-ring and then tap with the flashlight in your hand, with the lens down.
If you cannot remove it, try a toothpick or something pointy but not hard to alleviate the TIR on the sides. Then tap again.

It is not glued nor stuck, but the holes in the MCPCB and even the thermal paste below it may be hindering it from coming out.

Try the toothpick gently around the TIR, without much pressure :wink:

If you have a suction cup, you can also attach it to the TIR and try to pull it out!!

See this thread: help removing carclo optics from p60 dropin

Hi guys. Any idea how big the MCPCB is?

Looking at the comparison picture between the TK16 and FW3A it’s hard to judge because the FW3A is taller and sits closer to the camera lens.

I didn’t take it out for a proper diameter measurements, but the one in the TK16 is slightly smaller than the one in the FW3A.
Also, the one in the TK16 is straight on the sides and not round, which makes it slimmer, too. Besides that, there are the screw holes on each side.

If you want to put the TK16 MCPCB into the FW3A you can, but the reverse I am afraid it is not possible :zipper_mouth_face:

Ahhh thank you. I had plans for the Osram triple in another light and wanted to install some very special 3000K SST-20’s in the TK16…

I guess that the TK16 may fit in lights like the FW3A and convoy lights, but the FW3A MCPCB seems made for larger diameter lights.

I don’t have the lights with right now but sunday I can try to measure it more accuratelly so that you know the real diameter.

Maybe the Jaxman E2L MCPCB will fit. It has a 19mm diameter.

Or just try a reflow. It’s not that hard, even on a triple.

Reflowing is not a problem. 3030 vs 3535 is the problem.

Aha you did not have the sst-20 version. My bad.

Osram White 1’s footprint is close enough that they fit on standard XP stars. I’ve reflowed White 1’s onto 20mm Noctigons without issue.

Not sure about the reverse though. Haven’t tried.

However, even a standard Noctigon can probably be made to fit into a TK16. You just might need to do some work with a handfile or dremel to reduce the size of the star. If trying that, I recommend reflowing the emitters off the star first.

My plans for Osram triple will require a very good reflow on the right MCPCB. 4A per LED (12A L4P driver) in a forward clicky tactical light. I don’t want to risk that on the wrong MCPCB. LED’s are already a problem to import to my country. Currently running 6500K SST-20’s in that particular light but I need a more intense hotspot, that’s why I need the Osram triple.

I’ll see when my TK16 arrives… maybe the Jaxman E2L MCPCB will fit. I know it can also be shaved a bit.

Sorry for going a bit off topic.

Received my TK16 yesterday. I can confirm it has a 19mm MCPCB. The shelf diameter is about 19.2mm.