(Review) Acebeam W30 White laser flashlight

Today we will be taking a look at the Acebeam W30, the first of its kind with over 2600 Meters of throw or 1.6 MILES. This is a beyond line of sight flashlight that uses LEP technology to achieve its monstrous throwing power, it is powered by a single 21700 lithium cell which gives it light weight and long run time capabilities with 1 hour and 45 minutes of battery life. Our particular model is the 6500k version and it’s rated at 1.5 million candela. Many people wouldn’t find much use in this type of flashlight but when you need immense throw this will not disappoint! This can be purchased directly from Acebeam’s amazon store for $259.00 USD and it comes with a charging cable, battery and a red filter.

Watch and enjoy!


Nice work! Thanks.

I really liked the beam shots and the detailed descriptions.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!