[Review] - Amutorch AT40 - Titanium EDC, 4x Nichia 219C, 1200 lm - by Lock

Hello everyone, with this review today we will see the Amutorch AT40: Aa small and powerful titanium light supplied to me by Banggood specifically for the review.

You can buy the flashlight directly from this link https://goo.gl/rqtkw3

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The product is available in the Banggood store in two versions: 4x Nichia 219C and 2x XP-G3.

Packaging and content

The Amutorch AT40 arrives in a cardboard box. A sticker on the front recalls the company's name and logo.

Inside, a thick layer of packing foam prevents the light from moving during transport.

The only accessories included are two small spare O-rings and the rubber button for the switch. A metal clip is already mounted on the light body. There is a user manual, but only in Chinese.

There are two versions of this flashlight: 4x Nichia 219C (in my possession) and 2x XP-G3.

Main features:

  • Titanium alloy flashlight
  • Uses 4x CREE Nichia 219C LEDs or 2x XP-G3 LEDs
  • Aluminum head for better heat dissipation
  • LEDs mounted on DTP (Direct Thermal Path) board
  • Maximum output 1200lm
  • 3 Output Levels (High, Medium, Low)
  • Convex Lens for a wide and uniform beam
  • Switch in the queue
  • Possibility of tailstanding
  • Titanium belt clip included

Dimensions and weight

  • Length:100mm
  • Head Diameter: 28mm
  • Body Diameter: 22mm
  • Tail Diameter: 24mm
  • Weight without battery: 69g
  • Weight with battery: 118g

Output Levels and Runtime

The Amutorch AT40 has 3 normal brightness levels:

High Level 1200 lm (100%) (measured 980 lm)

Medium Level (50%): (measured 390 lm )

Low Level (0,1%): (measured 30 lm )

The measured data are to be considered peak (taken within 30 seconds after switching on and when the battery is fully charged). The values ??obtained were lower than those declared. The runtime scheme for the "High" level is shown below, using a 3200mAh Armytek 18650 battery as power source.

The body and the materials The Amutorch AT40 is a light in the 18650 format with the body made of titanium and the aluminum head. With its 100mm it is very compact if compared to similar lights. Sealing in your pocket or in the baby carrier, thanks to the weight of only 69g, does not bother you. It is comfortable in the hand, it is well handled and gives an excellent feeling of strength.

The body has a beautiful striped work made with CNC technology. Offers excellent grip in all conditions.

The light can essentially be divided into two parts: head and central body. The tail switch seems to be removable but in my case it is blocked.

The head, as we mentioned earlier, is completely made of aluminum. It is gray, perfectly anodized and to the touch is slightly rough. There are a couple of fairly deep dissipation fins that guarantee an optimal thermal dispersion on the High level.

The bezel (titanium) is thick, protruding and protects the lens very well. It is also possible to unscrew it and access the LEDs.

The lens is aspheric with a thickness that varies from 4.2mm (in the central part) to 1.6mm (in the outer part) and with a diameter of about 26mm.

There is not a reflector.

The switch button is recessed inside the tail, it is not very protruding and for the activation you have to make a good force. When pressed, it emits a ringing "click". It features the classic double stroke for switching off and selecting levels.

The belt clip is made of titanium, thick, very rigid and offers excellent grip on clothes. It is assembled to the light body by means of two small torx screws.

the threads are very large, smooth and precise and obviously are made of titanium. Physical Lock-out is possible by unscrewing slightly the head.

Tested abundantly in the water I have not found any kind of infiltration.

At the positive pole we have a small spring of good section and very rigid, at the negative pole instead we have a copper plate. The circuitry is visible

Using particularly long batteries, it will not be possible to completely screw the head, therefore the light would be unusable. For example, the Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh or the Keeppower 2600mAh are too long, while a battery length of the Armytek 3200mAh fits perfectly. Thanks to the flat tail, the light can also be used in tailstanding

User Interface

The user interface of the Amutorch AT40 is really simple. With a click on the tailcap button the flashlight comes on and with a further click the flashlight turns off. To adjust the output, simply press the switch partially to cycle the High, Medium, and Low levels There is also the Memory Mode function that remembers the last level used

Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The beam of the Amutorch AT40 is very broad, flood and with a fair shot at the highest levels. The 4 Nichia 219C LEDs, which we all know, offer a Neutral light of the highest quality and with excellent color rendering. No anomalies were found in the beam geometry or any color change in the tint. Following a few beamshot on the short/medium distance

Beamshot #1

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Beamshot #2

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Beamshot #3

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Beamshot #4

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Beamshot #5

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Beamshot #6

Beamshot #7

Beamshot #8

Beamshot #9

Final Considerations

The Amutorch AT40 is a small light for the EDC. The build quality is excellent and the finishes are treated in detail. The body is made of Titanium alloy which gives AT40 a high resistance to wear and corrosion and above all great lightness. The head is entirely made of aluminum to ensure excellent dissipation of the heat produced by the LEDs. The range of accessories is a little bare, it would have been found inside the package also a holster in Nylon, a Laynard and a battery. The interface is very simple and makes the product easy to use even for less experienced people. The tint is Neutral (thanks to the 4 Nichia 219C LEDs) and the beam is very wide and purely diffusion. In short, a good product with an excellent quality-price ratio considering that it is possible to find it for sale at just over 30 dollars.

I use mine with NCR18650B, it works fine.

Lovely photography, and a very nice even floody beam profile.
I may yet be tempted by this unusual light.

As per the previous poster, I do think this is suspect. Perhaps your Panasonic and Keeppower have had protection circuitry added? The standard Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh certainly is not protected and not long. Mine are a hair shorter than 65mm, I don’t have a vernier with me for more precise measurement at the moment.

It doesn’t work with 30Q button top , this battery is too long (66.3mm).

My NCR18650B measures 65.1mm.

It doesn’t work with 30Q button top , this battery is too long (66.3mm).

My NCR18650B measures 65.1mm.

Edit: I have an NCR18650B with a drop of tin in the positive that measures 65.7mm, it works fine.

Great review lock!! Excellent pictures & info, thank you. :beer:

Nice looking light, but why didn’t they take some time to center all 4 LED’s ?
Definitely one is off centered

I forgot to specify that the batteries I was talking about were top button with the PCB and therefore they are very long and do not allow the correct closing of the torch. Obviously the Panasonic without PCB are much shorter and I think they do not give any problem.

is it flat top with or without PCB?

Interesting light and very nicely done review. Is the battery oriented inside the light with (+) end pointing toward the head? Not so common to see a springless trailcap.

Koziy: Yes, you’re correct on the battery observation.

Other notes:

The switch is removable. Just unscrew the tail cap bezel (easier if you remove the clip first) and then it can be easily removed. The tail cap is not glued, but titanium-on-titanium threads with no lube might make unscrewing it a bit difficult. I added a touch of grease before reassembly.

I think the clip is stainless steel, not titanium.