Review: Another Solarforce L2 review with the Solarforce 3 mode XM-L drop in

My new Solarforce L2 + Solarforce XM-L 3 mode drop in .

I really like the new L2 , its just a little better than the old one , though I still like the older ones , these new ones are a one piece body and can no longer be turned into a L2micro , you will have to source a older light [ pre 2011 ] . These bodies are just so well machined , and Solarforce has really lifted there game in producing the 2011 model . I really cant fault the light [ body or host ] at all , so I think its time to move onto the Solarforce 3 mode P60 XM-L drop in .

The modes are set out as High - Medium - Low , and there is mode memory , and it takes a good 2 seconds to activate once the light is turned of , switch back on earlier and you change modes . Beam quality is typical XM-L where in the projected beam onto a white wall , will have several different shades of white [ Pure white , warm white , some purple or bluish white = Cool White ] , all of which vanish once you take it outside , as opposed to staring at white walls inside .

Lets check some performance figures : [ Sanyo 2600 ]

High = 1.6A - 530L [ sags a little to around 511 after a minute ]

Med = 0.71A - 250L

Low = 0.15A - 55L

Im sure a lot of folks were expecting 3A + from the drop in , but this is not the case , looks like Solarforce has gone the conservative rout , offering a junk free [ junk modes ] drop in with good current VS performance . Wasn't so long ago folks were bragging about there XR-E R2 lights pulling 1.6A and doing 250L , well , that's doubled now , and I like this level of performance in a P60 host , to me its quite sane , and reasonable .

Beams tonight

Low - Medium - High / 3 different angles ....

Nice review as always, so how do you like that dropin over the MF. My single mode SF dropin just gets warm because of the tin around the dropin. Nice Host might have to pick up one of those with the bezel down clip, that is if my wife lets me lol.

I do like it , it has a little more power than my DIY [ 1.4A ] drop ins , is 3 mode , has a typical XM-L beam with a decent hotspot ..

A good balance , and low offers enough run time to go all night with decent output , and then some .

Awesome.....was looking at getting another SF XML drop for my L2m but i do like the matte finish on this new L2......

On, the max output of the new L2 with 1,3, and 5 modes is listed as 820lm. Do they house a different driver than the separate drop-in module?

Is it wrong ? , do they do it on purpose ? They don't know any better ? Or is it lottery time ?

We need more feedback from owners :

Would be nice if Solarforce sent out 10 drop ins , so we could establish a base line ....

Hey old will this switch suit this one ? i know it will fit but im talking about finish e.g old black shinny L2,s vs new matt black,s

my 3 mode xml dropin in my L2x (820 lumens per their site) just pulls 1.41amps on high using trustfire 18650.

wasted cash on this module i must say as i was hoping for their declared output. time to get that xml manafont drop in.

Nice review as always.

Seems like a good idea to get thes Solarforce dropins if you want to avoid soldering your own low-output.

If you want a great all-rounder, get this specific set.

A good and cheap host with class and properly driven emitter with great output/efficiency. Won´t overheat easily and gives good runtimes.

But most importantly; how´s the PWM on these? :)

PWM = Slow .......


@ atbglenn thanks mate, a perfect match in size and finsh but one more question is that a B3 bezel

sure is

Here's another shot of the finish matching. Under the flash I notice an ever so slight difference. Under normal conditions it looks spot on to me..

Now you guys got me dreaming about getting one......

Oh, too bad, it sounded so good. Thanks.

Thanks for going out of the way to take the pic,s for me, One more question the L2P is just an L2 with a harder anno finish ?
Sorry for the thread hijack

I haven't seen the updated L2P in person, but mine has a different finish than the new L2 and is slightly longer, plus the non aggressive stock bezel.

could someone tell me if the color of the l2 2011 model matches the color of the s9 forward clicky?

information on the solarforce webshop is quite minimal. they don't even give the color of the l2 - it's black obviously. but is the s9 black? shiny black? gunmetal grey/black? who knows ...


I have the L2P Ace which comes with the S9 tailcap. It is HA III anodized and has the same semi-matte black finish as the L2P. I don't have an L2, but I have an L2T and I believe they have the same finish, which is more of a flat black than the HA III finish on the L2P and S9. In use, I don't think you'll really notice it unless you are looking closely.

great. thank you. i guess so i'll just order one and will write a reply. maybe someone else is interested to know was well.