[Review] - Armytek Elf C1 & Elf C2 comparison - by Lock

Hi guys ... Today I decided to make a comparison between the Armytek EFL C1 and ELF C2, two beautiful headlamps with really interesting features ...

Packaging and content

The Armytek Elf C1 and the Elf C2 arrive in the classic Armytek pack of colored cardboard on which all the main information about the products is printed.

The package is complete. For both products are included:

  • Armytek Li-Ion Battery (18350 900mAh for Elf C1 / 18650 3200mAh for Elf C2)
  • The stainless steel belt clip
  • 2 x spare O-rings
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • The Headband (Double band for the Elf C2 - Single band for the C1)
  • Plastic support for the Headband
  • Neodymium magnet to be used inside the tailcap
  • User manual in English

Main features Armytek Elf C1 / Elf C2

  • Rechargeable flashlight with standard micro-USB cable
  • Side switch for total control of the interface
  • Tailcap magnet (removable) and possibility of tailstand
  • Efficient TIR lens for a no "tunnel vision effect"
  • Multicolor status LED
  • Active temperature control with automatic power reduction / increase
  • Battery over-discharge control
  • Total protection against water, waterproof up to 10 meters (for 5 hours) and impact resistant
  • Max Runtime: 54 days (Elf C1) and 200 days (Elf C2)
  • 10 year Armytek warranty Manufacturer

Specifications: Armytek Elf C1 / Elf C2 Micro USB

  • Cree XP-L / TIR LED
  • light output: 980lm OTF light output: 840lm Beam Distance: 102 mt
  • Luminous intensity: 2600 cd
  • Optic Lens: TIR
  • Body Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Finish Anti-Abrasive
  • Body: Premium type III hard anodizing
  • Spot angle: 70 °
  • Spill angle: 120 ° 5m
  • hotspot diameter: 7 mt
  • Battery: 18350
  • LED: Cree XP-L, Warm White Impact Resistance: 10 mt
  • Memory Mode: Yes
  • Operating temperature: -25 +40 ° C
  • Very low self-discharge and very low parasitic drain

Dimensions and Weight: Elf C1

  • Length: 83mm
  • Body width: 24.5 mm
  • Head width: 29 mm
  • Weight: 62g for the torch and about 22g for a 18350 and 5g for the belt clip
  • Total weight with band, support and battery: about 104g

Dimensions and Weight: Elf C2

  • Length: 112mm Body width: 24.5 mm
  • Head width: 29 mmWeight: 65g for the torch and about 22g for a 18350 and 5g for the belt clip
  • Total weight with band, support and battery: about 108g

Elf C1 Output and Runtime

  • Turbo2 level: 840 lm / 40min
  • Main3 level: 316 lm / 1h
  • Main2 level: 140 lm / 2.5h
  • Main1 level: 84 lm / 15h
  • Firefly2 level: 2.1 lm / 7d
  • Firefly1 level: 0.4 lm / 54d

Elf C2 Output and Runtime

  • Turbo2 level: 840 lm / 2h
  • Main3 level: 316 lm / 4h
  • Main2 level: 140 lm / 10.5h
  • Main1 level: 84 lm / 55h
  • Firefly2 level: 2.1 lm / 25d
  • Firefly1 level: 0.4 lm / 200d

The above data refer to the model with Warm dye for which Armytek declares about 7% less light intensity and a 3% lower shooting compared to the Cool version Runtime test

The body and the materials

The Elf C1 and Elf C2 are two angular flashlights, light and compact with a diameter just over a 18650 battery

The body is made of aeronautical aluminum with a scratch-resistant matte black coating.

As all the other Armytek, the Elf C1 and the Elf c2 offer a good feeling of robustness and excellent build quality. There is no type of aesthetic defect and everything is taken care of in the smallest details. Aesthetically, except for a few millimeters in length and the different charging system, the Elf C1 and the Elf C2 are practically identical to the Tiara and the Wizard.

The only part of the light that can be unscrewed is the tailcap. Two O-rings near the threads allow perfect waterproofing.

The fillets are very precise and flowing and get well lubricated by Nyogel. They are not anodized but the physical lock-out of the interface is always possible by unscrewing the ¼ turn tailcap.

At the center of the body there are two small grooves that allow the torch to be hooked to the plastic support of the headband or to insert the belt clip. The latter has a good thickness, offers good resistance and can be mounted in both directions. The rigidity is adequate and the grip is very firm.

The plastic support allows you to hook or unhook the flashlight on the elastic band with a simple gesture, even using just one hand. The Elf C2 support is slightly wider than that of the C1 and features an additional locking O-ring which prevents accidental release of the torch.

Below the head we notice the presence of some dissipating fins that allow to efficiently dissipate the heat produced by the LED.

The tailcap, moreover, can be opened to extract the neodymium battery present inside it if deemed necessary.

The Tailcap is flat and allows the use in flashlights in tailstanding

The TIR lens does not allow to see the LED. It is an XP-L in the Warm version. The very clean, very pleasant, very warm color, makes the colors well, especially in nature.

At the negative pole we have a spring with a good section and good resistance. On the positive pole there is a small protruding button

The lettering is abundant and well done.

There is no type of knurling but the satin finish that Armytek adopts on its flashlights does not miss it. In fact, thanks to the particular processing, the torch, on the whole body, offers an excellent grip even with wet or completely wet hands. The bezel and bezel ring around the power button are made of stainless steel.

There is no difficulty in finding the power button even in total darkness even when wearing gloves.

The switch allows you to manage the user interface. It is made of yellow rubber and offers good grip to the touch. Very responsive, has a short stroke and makes a nice click on the pressure. To activate it you need to make a good pressure.

The Elf C1 comes with a 900mAh 18350 flat top rechargeable battery. A dedicated circuit prevents excessive discharge of the cell. Unprotected batteries are allowed.

Bundled with the Elf C2 comes a 3200mAh IMR 18650 battery

The band of both flashlights is soft, comfortable to wear even for long periods

A metal ring to be installed on the tailcap allows you to use the flashlight with a wrist strap

User Interface

The UI is identical for both models. We have 6 levels of brightness and a simple and easy to remember interface

With the light off

  • With one click the torch is opened to the last stored level
  • Pressing and holding will enter the Firefly mode section.
  • Pressing and holding will cycle the different levels starting from Firefly1 up to Main3

With the light on

  • With one click the torch is switched off.
  • Pressing and holding will cycle through the different levels Main1, Main2, Main3
  • With two quick clicks you will access the Turbo
  • For the physical Lock-out, unscrew the tailcap by ¼ turn.

Under the switch of the Elf C1 and C2 there is a status LED which acts as a warning indication or “battery status notification

Low battery level:

under 25% charge will flash red every 2 seconds. With the lowering of the voltage the torch will perform the stepdown on the lower section to preserve the battery from any stress. When the charge is less than 10%, the LED will flash red once a second. If flashes green it means that the battery is charged.

Temperature control:

When the light is overheated, the LED will flash three times consecutively at 2-second intervals. When a critical temperature is reached, the LED will flash three times consecutively at 1 second intervals and the brightness will be automatically decreased. After the flashlight has cooled, the brightness will automatically rise again. There are no preset timers for the stepdown, but only active controls in real time by measuring the temperature When switching from one mode to another the switch will emit a single red flash, while in general when the torch is on the switch will indicate the battery status.

To charge the Elf C1 & C2 just use a simple USB cable to connect to the charging port integrated on the head of the lights

Elf C1 vs Tiara - Elf C2 vs Wizard

Tint, beam and beamshots

The tint of the Elf C1 and C2 is Warm White, very warm, pleasant especially when used in natural environments.

The beam is clean and uniform without any artifact. The Turbo is very bright and allows you to illuminate well up to 20-30 meters away. The spill, holding the torch on its head, starts about thirty feet away from the feet. Following some night shots. Some photos are taken in the presence of fog

Beamshot 1

Beamshot 2

Beamshot 3

Beamshot 4

Beamshot 5

Beamshot 6

Beamshot 7

Beamshot 8

Final considerations

The Elf C1 and C2 are small, light and powerful fronts. Excellent in my opinion as backup flashlights or as EDC for everyday use. Very simple to use, unlike the Tiara and the Wizard, they have a simplified interface, some level less (the special levels are not present) and a different charging interface based on a standard Micro USB port.

The regulation is flat as long as the temperature remains acceptable (40-50 °C) and as long as the battery is able to supply the necessary energy to the LED. The beam is flood, wide and uniform, ideal for outdoor walks. Warm color, very warm, without any dominant, makes the colors well and does not tire your eyes even after many hours of use.

The Elf C1 and C2 are waterproof and resistant to diving up to 10 meters deep, and are also resistant to scratches and falls.

There is a tailcap magnet that can also be removed if necessary.

The excellent performance, the quality of the materials, the strength and the usability make these two products very attractive and certainly to be recommended.

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