Review Armytek Tiara C1 Magnet USB



The Armytek Tiara C1 Magnet USB was sent to me directly by Armytek for review.

For the description and technical data of the house: ... i-ion.html

The Armytek Tiara C1 USB is available with a cool or warm tint (the one being tested) and can be purchased on the parent company's website.


The Armytek Tiara C1 Magnet USB is a multi-function flashlight with front lighting system and USB magnetic charging. It is suitable for many uses such as fishing, work, out-of-town activities, etc. It is powered by a 18350 Li-ion battery and is equipped with a TIR optic with a radius covering from 70 ° to 120 ° (hotspot and spill) for a distance covered of 102 meters. . The Tiara C1 USB in warm version features a CREE XP-L LED capable of delivering 980 lumens (840 OTF) for an intensity of 2600 cd. It has the highest IP68 water protection rating (10m for 5 hours) and is equipped with an active temperature control system.

- Incredibly powerful multi-flashlight with brightness at 980 LED lumens.

- Rechargeable torch with magnetic USB charger.

- TIR optics provide ample light for efficient area lighting.

- Simple operation and 6 comfortable light emission modes.

- Reliable headband made of soft and flexible materials for easy torch attachment on the head.

- Small and light torch, but at the same time resistant and multifunctional.

- Longer duration: up to 60 days maximum runtime.

- Removable pocket clip and flat cap to stand up.

- Complete match with the highest standards of durability and reliability: the flashlight easily withstand falls, impacts and vibration.

- Solid body without long wires, weak rubber connectors and useless boxes.

- Total protection against penetration of water, dirt and dust: the torch continues to operate even at a depth of 10 meters.

- Resistance to the impact of 10 meters.

- 10 year guarantee without problems.

Dimensions and weight:

Length: 79mm
Body diameter: 24.5mm
Diameter of the head: 29mm
Weight (without battery): 60g
Ways and Electronics:

Power supply: 1x18350 Li-Ion
Levels and runtimes: 840 lm / 30min, 205lm / 2.4h, 84 lm / 6.5h, 32lm / 15h, 2.3lm / 8d, 0.37lm / 60d
Number of levels: 6
Switch type: Side button
Switch type: Electronic
Runtime at max brightness: 30min
Runtime at minimum brightness: 60 days
Low battery indicator
High temperature indicator
Battery voltage indicator
Circuit for protection against excessive discharge of the battery for unprotected batteries
Protection for reverse polarity
Light output without flickering
Compatible with flat positive pole batteries (flat)
Protection against accidental ignition



The Armytek Tiara USB Magnet is sold in a carton pack. The main characteristics of the torch are specified on it. Opening the box we find inside the flashlight with the accessories included: clip, 2xO-Ring, 1x 18350 Li-ion battery (900 mAh), USB charging magnetic cable, headband, plastic and manual support. In my pack the battery was absent, replaced by one in my possession, a 700 mAh Energig.




The Tiara C1 is well built in aeronautical aluminum, the torch anodization is smooth and opaque. The weight, even with the battery inserted, is not excessive and the dimensions are contained. Having the tail flat you can put it on your feet (tail standing).

On the head we see the optical TIR (Total Internal Reflection) surrounded by a steel lunette that protrudes slightly. In evidence also the horizontal cooling fins and the good quality writing on the Tiara C1.

On one side of the head we find the yellow power button surrounded by a small metal band. The electronic switch, with a little noisy click, needs a good pressure to be pressed. It is the only button on the Tiara C1 for the management of the UI.

In the Armytek Tiara C1 USB the only unscrewable part is the tail. Unscrewing the tailcap we notice a negative spring and a button protruding to the positive. With this configuration we can use flat or button top batteries. The Tiara C1 has protection for reverse polarity and allows the physical lock of the torch by unscrewing the tailcap by 1/4 turn.

The back of the tail cap is magnetised and allows magnetic charging. The magnetic power is very strong, allowing you to anchor the torch stably on iron objects.

The threads arrive well greased and as we see from the picture we have two O-rings for dust and water tightness. The torch continues to operate even at a depth of 10 meters.



Charging the Armytek Tiara USB Magnet.

To recharge the Tiara C1 Magnet USB, simply unscrew the rear plug 1/4 turn and bring the magnet of the charging cable closer to the torch tail.
The approximate time to charge a completely exhausted battery is 6-8 hours according to Armytek. The one measured by me with a 700 mAh Energig battery is less than 4 hours.
We recommend using adapters with 1A or greater.

Indication of the battery of the charging device:
1. Red color: charging is in progress.
2. Green color: charging is finished.
3. Flashing red - unscrew the rear cap for 1/4 for

Good metal clip even if you need to force it to insert and remove it from the Tiara C1. It is possible to insert it in various positions.



In the sales package we find the headband where we will put the Tiara C1 for use in the head. Excellent plastic support where we will attach the torch. With this support we can easily insert and rotate the Tiara C1.

The band is well made, worn and adjusted easily.

The Tiara C1 USB near other torches.

From left: Olight H1R Nova, Rofis R1, Armytek Tiara C1 USB e Nitecore NU25.




The Armytek Tiara C1 Magnet USB features a total of 6 levels of light.

Turbo - 840 lm / 30min
Main3 - 205 lm / 2.4h
Main2 - 84 lm / 6.5h
Main1 - 32 lm / 15h
Firefly2 - 2.3 lm / 8d
Firefly1 - 0.37 lm / 60d

From OFF:

Click to turn on the torch in the last used mode.

Press and hold to go through 2 Firefly modes (release to select). <span title="Tenendo premuto il pulsante si avvierà il ciclo attraverso le modalità principali.

">Keeping the button pressed will start the cycle through the main modes.

From ON:

Click to turn off the flashlight.

Press and hold to start scrolling through the main modes.

Double click to activate the Turbo mode. <span title="Il secondo doppio clic riporta l'ultima modalità utilizzata.

">The second double click shows the last mode used.

Firefly: When turned off, press and hold the button to turn on in the desired Firefly mode and then release immediately. Bearing

the pressed button will start to scroll through the main modes. <span title="Anche questi modi vengono memorizzati.

">These modes are also stored.

Main. <span title="Un breve click dallo stato OFF attiva la modalità principale (se era l'ultima modalità utilizzata in precedenza).

">A short click from the OFF state activates the main mode (if it was the last mode used previously).

Turbo. The mode is activated by double clicking, when the torch is on. To return to the last mode, double-click again. <span title="Il Turbo viene memorizzato per la prossima accensione.

">The Turbo is memorized for the next ignition.

Lock function. <span title="Svitare il tappo posteriore di 1/4 per la protezione dall'accensione accidentale.

">Unscrew the 1/4 rear plug for protection against accidental switching on.

Indication of low battery. If the brightness is <25% of the nominal value, the LED will flash 2 times (only once after 30 seconds from power on). If you are not sure if it is flashing, turn the flashlight off and on, and if the battery is low, the flashes will repeat. <span title="L'uscita luminosa diminuisce in modalità Firefly quando sei a livello critico.

">The light output decreases in Firefly mode when you’re at the critical level.

Active temperature control. The torch can heat up quickly in Turbo mode. When the temperature becomes + 60 ° C, the brightness decreases in small steps. After cooling (provided the battery voltage is sufficient) the brightness increases again to the Turbo mode.

This step occurs cyclically to maintain the user’s safety and the functionality of the torch. In good air-cooling conditions the torch provides light without going down even in the Turbo mode. There are no pre-set timers for stepping, but active temperature measurements in real time.




Great in this warm version the color and the beam of the Armytek Tiara C1. There are no rings or strange aberrations and the transition from spot to spill is gradual and spread. The color is really nice especially for lovers of warm colors.


N.B. The measurements and the data collected, having been made with instrumentation and environmental conditions different from those made by the parent company, may be dissimilar.

The test was performed with the battery fully charged in TURBO and HIGH without and with forced ventilation. The battery used is a Li-ion 18350 Energig 700 mAh (as the package sent to me was not present).

We see the exhaust curve in TURBO without ventilation.

Let's start with almost 2800cd. The brightness has a steady decline up to about 7 minutes after which there is a rapid descent up to the eighth minute. The adjustment, as specified by Armytek, takes place through constant monitoring of the temperature and therefore there are variations due to this function.
After the minute 29 the two flashes precede the stepdown that brings after a few seconds to the almost total extinguishing of the torch (firefly). At the end of the test the battery scored 2.9v.

Let's see the runtime with the help of a small fan.

Under the two curves together:

From the graphs you can see the efficiency of the temperature control system.

The test carried out with the Armytek Tiara C1 in MAIN3.

Beamshot and Video:

In my Home:

On the outside:


ArmyTek Tiara C1 USB Warm is a compact and functional headlamp that can be used in many situations. The only limit is due to the size of the battery that naturally does not allow a long autonomy. The many positive aspects such as robustness, usability, light power and permeability certainly recommend the purchase.
Thank you for reading the review.

I’m not quite sure what you were expecting. 840 lumens is a very high output and therefor requires a lot of energy. You could upgrade the battery to the new 18350 1200mAh battery available on the market but still can’t compete with an 18650 battery. I personally would have liked to see the 205 lumens mode bumped up to 300-350 which should provide a good middle ground between having a decently bright headlamp without needing the full output of Turbo mode and wasting energy.

I don’t think a 1A or greater would even matter because it sounds like the light decides it’s own current, which is less that 0.5A. Because otherwise the 0.7Ah battery would take only an hour to charge at 1A.

Love the photos. They look great and even the beamshots look very crisp. How familiar are you with Kelvin? I was wondering if you are able to give an approximation on what you thought the temperature of the light is.

Thank you for appreciating the photos. I did not expect anything more. I only say that there are, logically with a 18350 battery, the limits in the use for walks of a few hours (even if this is known).
I think you’re right about the recharge, in this case I reported the one written in the manual. The temperature I think is about 3850 °K.