Review] ASTROLUX EA01S - The world's brightest pocket light that actually works! 11,000 lumens, Type-C charging

My review of the ASTROLUX EA01S - The world’s brightest pocket light that actually works! 11,000 lumens, Type-C charging & works with 26650/21700/18650/26350/18350!!!

I just got mine today. It’s real awesome. Great reviews.

Thanks, glad you like it.

I was hoping for 400m throw but tbh the beam is more linear than I expected. No really harsh artefacts.

Hi, how many lumens this light mantain continuous?

Your videos is amazing!

I’m guessing for the size around 1100 comfortably.

Thanks The Flashaholic for your very interesting review of the EA01S.

I have two of this flashlights, in Gray and in Blue. Now I am getting one in Black with the 26800 tube and cell.

Have you tested the EA01S which uses the 26800 cell?

I assume it will not make much difference in beam power. Maybe the larger cell will sustain the turbo and the high modes a little bit longer than the 26650 cell (?).

Love your videos, I have the 26800 extension tube of the EA01 and EA01S and like the extra capacity with not much increase in length.

In my test the 26800 and Samsung 40T had almost identical current levels. 26800 having much greater capacity doesn’t help turbo and high modes as the thermal sensor kicks in quickly. You do get 16 square centimeters more surface area on the light and 75% greater capacity in the battery.

Single XHP70.2 could handle more in this host.
I sold mine. 11k lumen for 30 seconds. After that 10 minutes to cool down.
Not to mention that it is direct drive on turbo.

I originally bought the SST 40 version and measured right at 7029 lumens and 44640 candela at start up.

For double 11, I also purchased the XHP 50.2 version. You really need a high drain battery for this monster. I used a Lishen LR2170LA and measured 33.3A at the tailcap. The candela is 34830 and the lumens is 13497 at start up.

Anyone knows if thats normal? I observe that dark spots on some vaping devices only in the past.