Review - Astrolux EC03 3xXHP50.2 6700 Lumen Flashlight

Hello, can you tell me if you’d think it would be okay to us a Samsung 50e2 cell for the E03? Thanks in advance!!

Yes, but turbo won’t be as bright

Thank you!!! You’re great!

Hi, can you please advise me? I have an Astrolux EC03 3xXHP50.2, but it only shines at peak power for a few seconds. I understand that performance will decrease for high temperatures. But the na.max power shines for about 10s. The second highest level also shines for a few seconds and then lowers to a very small level. So for longer use the performance is very small. Is not it too little?

The batteries are tested:

21700 Samsung 40T 4000mAh 35A
18650 ShockLi 3600mAh 20A

Did you calibrate the temperature setting?

The temperature settings don’t seem to come calibrated from the factory.
Try to adjust the temperature setting to the correct ambient temperature, then also adjust the temperature the flashlight is suppose to maintain when at high brightness.
(try raising to 60-65 degrees Celsius for temperature before stepdown)

Thank you for answer. I did not calibrate the temperature. I don’t know how to use firmware yet. I will try to study the instructions and try to calibrate the temperature. Otherwise as far as the battery is concerned. Which would you recommend as the best for this flashlight?


Where did you get the 50e2’s? I can’t find them anywhere.I’m using the plain 50E with great success, and look forward to the superior 50e2 if it’s possible to buy them.


I would also like to know where to buy the 50e2 batteries. Thanks After some research I find that the 50e is noted as being e2 on my liion order. Check out Liion

“I would also like to know where to buy the 50e2 batteries. Thanks After some research I find that the 50e is noted as being e2 on my liion order. Check out Liion

Liion wholesale only lists the 50e. Have you received the “50e2” yet?

I believe that the 50e that is sold on liion site is the e2. Go to site and read description carefully. I would like to know how you interpret it. If you google Samsung 50e2 you will find they are 50e’s.

“We have the new Samsung 50E2 which is the second version of the Samsung 50E. It is vastly improved in performance over the version 1 50E, with much lower internal resistance which will help the 50E deliver more capacity at a wider range of loads.”

But the one they sell is the 50e. Confusing!

Yes it is confusing. I recently bought these from liion. Isent an email to them with our question. Will post when I receive an answer.

OK, thanks

From Britni Anderson “Yes all of our current 50e stock is 50e2” Now we know the rest of the story. Mark

Great, now they should make that clear for all potential buyers.

Just wondering, is Samsung 50E2 better (in terms of higher drain) or similar to the Samsung 50G (eg. Vapcell G50)?

Just got this 50E notification from 18650 Battery Store. They enthusiastically say it has just come in and say nothing about 50E2. I can’t find any reference to or images of 50E2 on Google. Frankly, I’ll believe it when Tinman says “I received them”.

18650 Battery Store
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*50E back in stock

My batteries from liion look just like those from 18650 store. So I could find no reference to e2 in my google search either. Maybe we should ask 18650 store if their batteries are e2. Mark

Just looked closer at their sales page for them. 50 (2) is what it reads in description. I guess they changed battery chemistry but not wrappers? The batteries tested very well so I guess that’s all that matters.