Review : Astrolux MF-01 flashlight (18*Nichia 219C , 4*18650)

+1 the pictures on the large/heavy size. And my take just a little too many as well ;-)

Thanks for pointing out guys . I already fixed this in my latest review , and kiriba suggested another solution too :THUMBS-UP: :THUMBS-UP:

Thanks giorgoskok for the review. I agree with others about the heavy pics (15 Mpixels each it seems)…

I gather this is a first batch light and i noticed a couple differences from my second batch unit on the driver side.

- For some reason, on mine, the three screws around the brass ring are not properly counter-sunk and two of them do slightly protrude above the ring plane. Not sure whether the screws have bigger heads or the chamfer is narrower then on batch one.

- Mine has a double spring at the positive contact. Overall it is very stiff and i’m worried about the stress on the driver PCB each time i have to screw the body hard to make contact.

- Unless my estimates are way off, my second batch Nichia version barely reaches 8K lumen - on freshly charged BT 30Qs.

I do love the pure wall of light it produces for sure - especially in such a compact format. That satin black finish is a pleasure to handle too. However, the UI feels uninspired and the mode spacing is terrible IMO. I admit i’ve been recently spoiled by the D4 and the Q8…

Those screws sticking up could have a big impact and yes it does have dual springs now and i agree mode spacing is terrible. I don’t get why a lot of these companies can’t give their lights a configuration menu.

I don’t have a problem with the image size. I like big clear photos. I’m using crappy Australian 4G

I’d like to see these tests done on the XP-G3 version of this light. Wouldn’t the XP-G3 version hold Turbo and High longer due to less heat? Honestly if that is the case, I’d opt for the XP-G3’s longer higher output duration.

I think mf01 has a timed stepdown , not depending on temperature.

Perhaps it’s similar to Haikelite MT03 IIRC? There is a timer, and after a period it checks temperature. And depending on temperature it steps down or not. So it’s both timed and temperature controlled. An example of a light that uses timed step down solely is Manker MK34 which always steps down from turbo after 25 seconds.

I am pretty sure that in v2 there is no timed stepdown in High mode (tested it with fully charged 30Qs - ) Not sure about Turbo, though yuhsin91123 tried it - and looks like it is purely timed, always @ 1:30 . The High mode has temperature protection, but surely no timer.

I am curious to know why the XP-G3 version of this light is putting out 5100LM on high and the Nichia 219c is pulling 6800. I thought the XP-G3 produces higher lumens over the Nichia on LPW?

Output data is quite wonkey bonkey. This approximate output of 5100~6800 is only applicable to the first version which is not for sale anymore. The current version should have an output (level 4) of around 3000 lumens. The first version also did not have a low (level 1 of) of 70~100 lumens. Instead it was more like 1~5 lumens according to the majority of the people.
It’s an amazing light, but quite unfortunate that spec data is a sloppy mess.

I tested my v2 on high several times and got around 2950 lumens . Hand held it doesn’t step down but tailstanding it lasts 26 mins then steps down to 1700.

My v1 had ~70 lm output (roughly the same as v2)… v2 on High has ~3000 lumens, which is really nice, because in most cases it won’t stepdown when used outside. And it is still ~1,5hr of pretty stable light on 30Qs…

Weird stuff with output indeed. Yeah the 3000 lumens is awesome. Combined with the new boost driver that is able to hold turbo longer with depleting cells made me get the V2 as well. Bummer is that turbo output on V2 219c is about 1000 lumens less than V1 219c,

I subscribe for more news/observations. (Reading this topic, it seems, that I have a version 1… now starting to consider buying a version 2)

It’s fun to read back this thread two years later as the “new and enhanced” MF01S has been around four a couple month and the MF 01 Mini is just being delivered. Nobody new what Anduril and aux leds where back then. :smiley:

I have both the MF-01 and the MF-01S.The former is modded by the BLF member in Greece giorgoskok becoming better.
The problem is that the switch of this light is in bad condition,having a spongy sense becoming difficult to use it.
Is there something to fix the problem please?
The switch of the new version is way better.

Maybe the new switch fits the original MF01? In that case I would contact Mateminco (manufacturer of the MF01(S)) and purchase the new switch from them.

Thank you hIKARInoob.
I tried to contact Mateminco,but there is not a email address for this.Only a Q&A platform,where I lost in …translation…
Thank you for your help.