Review : Astrolux MF-01 flashlight (18*Nichia 219C , 4*18650)

MF-01 review


MF-01 is a budget multi thousand lumens flashlight , with 18 Nichia 219C leds powered by 4*18650 , all this in a handheld flashlight


Overview/Specifications :

·Utilizes 18 x XP-G3/Nichia 219C LEDs, max output up to 12000 lumens
·Powered by 2x/4x18650 batteries.
·Max runtime up to 214 hours
·Max throw up to 450 metres
·One single switch provides access to all functions
·5 brightness levels and 3 special functions available
.Light off or Normal mode, click twice to enter turbo or click three times to enter tactical strobe
.High efficiency constant current circuit, Reverse polarity protection
.Direct thermal path(DTP) copper board
.Intelligent temperature control,over 60 degrees will reduce the power and output will stablilize in about 2500 lumens
.Breathing light and lockout design
.Breathing light displays battery voltage
.Integration and high efficiency optical lens
·Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish
·HAIII hard anodising
.Standard 1/4 inch Tripod mount
·Waterproof in accordance with IPX7
·Tail stand

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , a nice , classy , white box :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • User manual
  • Lanyard
  • 2x O-rings
  • Tripod mount “thread adapter”

A closer look :

Below you can see the flashlight :

The body holds a carrier with 4*18650 batteries , and of course the head has the driver , e-switch and the LEDs .

Dimensions’ time ! Head’s max diameter is 72mm , body’s 53mm and length is about 126mm .

Flashlight in hand :

A better look at the head . On the side we have the e-switch visible :

It changes modes through the e-switch . E-switch cover is made from rubber and has the “On/Off” logo on it :

When flashlight isn’t in lock-out mode , the switch is used as a locator led :

Some cooling fins , not pretty deep , but the head has enough mass under them… :

Here is the tripod mount . It’s probably 1/4 :

With the adapter that comes in the box , it becomes 3/8 :

And the interesting part , the LEDs on the front , with 18x Nichia 219C on a big copper DTP mcpcb (i present the Nichia 219C version here , but an CW xp-g3 version is available too) , under one optic with 18 TIR’s (13mm each TIR) :

And the TIR’s under some light :wink: Seems a blue due to my camera’s color correction :

Notice the nice SS bezel :slight_smile: :

The tube , doesn’t have a knurling but a diamond shape pattern :

The other end of the flashlight , with holes for lanyard too :

If we un-screw the head , we can see the head and the tube with the battery carrier inside :

On the inside of the head , we see the spring (+) and the brass ring (-) that make contact with the battery tube :

Driver , with the 3 screw mount visible :

I also tested if it would gain lumens by bypassing the spring , but it doesn’t ! Spring gets compressed fully when you screw the tube , and it doesn’t have much resistance :

Threads are “square” and well lubbed :

A close-up from the battery carrier . It is in 2S2P configuration , so output voltage is 8.4 Volts :

Again , nice brass on the contacts , it has the same interface on both sides :

In stock form , it accepts BUTTON TOP batteries :


Do not try powering the flashlight with higher voltage than 8.4V , because you will damage the driver !


How it works (&modes) :

Flashlight uses the e-switch at the side for on/off and mode change functions .

Flashlight has 5 modes , sepperated in 2 groups :

  1. Low , Medium , Medium 1 , High , Turbo
  2. Hidden Strobe , SOS , Location Beacon

Operation :

From OFF :

  • Single click turns the light ON , on the last used mode
  • Double click to enter Turbo
  • Triple click to enter Strobe

From ON :

  • Depending on which mode group you’re , single click advances mode
  • Long click (>1s) turns off the flashlight

Lock-out mode :
From OFF , operate a long click (>1.5s) , and you won’t be able to accidentally turn on the flashlight and locator led on the switch will be OFF . Long click again to unlock the light .

Battery Indicator :

Every time the flashlight has batteries in it , in ON or OFF state , and it isn’t in lock-out mode , the indicator/locator led on the switch shows the status of the batteries depending on the color .

When indicator is :

  • Green , voltage is over 6.8V (total carrier voltage)
  • Red , voltage is over 6.1V
  • Flashing red , voltage is less than 6.1V

When voltage is less than 5.8V flashlight shuts down . I tested and it stops right in time .

Measurements :

Batteries used in measurements : Sony US18650VTC6 3000mAh

Lumens on different modes :

  • Low - 3,5 lumens
  • Med - 580 lumens
  • Med_1 - 1257 lumens
  • High - 4272 lumens
  • Turbo - 9810 lumens

Intensity : 49,7kcd

My runtime tests :

Flashlight has thermal regulation , this means , that when temp on the head passes 60 degrees Celcius , output starts to reduce .

High mode :

Runs stable at 4200 lumens for the first 2.5 minutes , but then output reduces and about 30 seconds later it gets stable at 1700lm .

Turbo mode :

For the first minute slowly drops but it still produces 9000 lumens , then redusing for the next minute until it reaches 2150lm where it gets stable .

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m

Mid :

Mid 1 :

High :

Turbo :

Road :

Lot’s of lumens , but isn’t pure flood ! Throw is really good , end of the road at 60-70m is easily illuminated !!!

Park :

Conclusion :

An awesome budget flashlight , with about 10k lumens max output (and more on the xp-g3 version). Runtimes are good in every mode , even on Turbo , with the thermal regulation working perfectly . Flashlight’s quality is super , without any imperfections overall or weaks spots on the anodization . Battery indicator feature is a nice feature , and the switch led that works as a locator led too .
More info can be found in my detailed review :slight_smile:

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !


Flashlight was provided by Banggood for review purposes . Be sure to check the flashlight HERE .
There is a very good discount , but for a limited time ! Code : 0410e9 , Price : 78$ (only lasts until Oct 21st)
Other discount code : e04bc8 , Price : 85.95$


My goodness. Reading this review really makes me fall in love with this light over and over… You have measured one gripe that I have with this light. I personally have noticed on my light that when it steps down, it does this all the way to about 1500~2000 lumens roughly according to my eyes. You have measured 1700 lumens from high and 2150 from turbo. The light should be able to put out more lumens. But then again, after a long period of using the light at this reduced output gives you sufficient temperature head room again for the next turbo output. This light is just awesome! :smiley:

Well , thermal stepdown is really good for occasions like this , to maintain your hand in excellent condition :smiley:

Awesome budget super bright flashlight .-

Hmmm… 3,5 lumens on low? That means they have changed low mode, in mine it was ~80…
Also, I strongly suggest unscrewing the light when transported. Should something fail, having 4 high current batteries shorted won’t be pretty.

Nichia 219C has good color rendering, very worthy. Good flashlight with good price

Hmm that’s interesting . I’ll check my notes and measure it again tomorrow…

Is this light the first batch ?

my only wish is that they regulate the output after 2.5minute drop down :open_mouth:

So glad that I picked Nichia, it looks awesome! In the very beginning I was leaning toward the XP-G3 because it’s brighter. And that is what most of new flashlight people are looking for. However, after sticking around BLF and found that a lot of people would rather pick high CRI over high lumens according to my observation.

So this is what I do… I have one big lumen light (HaikeLite MT03 in CW) and have one high CRI light (Astrolux MF01 in Nichia) just to balanced things out…
Plus, the holiday season is coming… if I really like this MF01 then I certainly will be looking for another one in XP-G3 and see if there are any specials going on during those holidays (Christmas, New Years/ Chinese New Years etc.)

seems as though this may be a heavier flashlight (with cells installed) when compared to other comparable sized “pop-can” style lights that are currently on the market, yes ? just curious, thanks.
btw : would there happen to be any other sellers besides banggood (within the states) possibly carrying this model ?

“Here is the tripod mount . It’s probably 1/4”
I think 3/4”.
George, please fix the photos. They are too heavy and I cant download full page with 4G.

Yes !

BLF Q8 weighs 588gr with batteries , while MF01 weighs 730gr with batteries . For me , it doesn’t feel a lot different when i hold both .

Hmm , i have made a mistake . Flashlight has a 3/8” mount , and with the adapter it is 1/4” ? I think it is that way

Thanks for the review George. Appreciate the runtime graphs!

It woluld be nice a 2-2,5K lumen mode. It can hold constantly.

thanks very much George, appreciate all the great info, and all the hard work on your excellent review :)


FreeMagenta, do you have a MF-01 with 6 wires to the MCPCB or a revised MF-01 with 2 wires. I don’t understand why you are saying that they changed the low mode since the MF-01 reviewed here is the old one.

I wonder if bypassing the springs on the battery carrier would result in any performance increase. 8^)

I bypassed carrier springs and it made very little difference. If a a light isn’t fet direct drive it doesn’t help much.