Review: Astrolux S1 3D Flashlight

Guys for a week ive been watching a lot of youtube video of the Olight s1r turboS wish I bought tonight, I also have this astrolux s1 3D and im asking wish one is better , off course by specs the astrolux should beat the olight but dont know why I had to buy the Olight anyway !

Hi, just recently received mine and the emitter and the driver looks exactly like yours. I was under the assumption that a XP-L HI doesn’t have such a domed led? Compare with my C8 clear an the LED is larger and more flat on the C8 compared to the S1?

Could it be that BG sold you fake CREE ?

Oh, really...

Is that why you ruded me, twice?

You are rude. Don’t cry too hard about it

Yeah, I'm really crying hard about your deliberate misuse of the Rude! button...

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Read up.

You might learn something.

Has anyone ever done runtimes for the various levels? I know that it depends on the battery, but just as a general guideline…

This light really punch quite a lot so with a regular cell you can expect about 60 mins of good runtimes

Good deal, do you have a 18650 version :slight_smile:

My astrolux S1 came with the white unmarked star. The LED is really tiny compared to my fake lattice brights.

Is this LED legit? The driver says alex wells but the star does not. It is copper though.

they run out of DTP star:P
it’s XP hd led, so the footprint is smaller than XM-l2 led, same size as XP-g2

So I shouldn’t worry then? I got the brown box and it says “test” in the bar code.

well, if you can, please post the image
i believe there is no astrolux fake yet

Sure, I can post pics.

I believe it’s legit product
At least the led looks legit xpl-hd led
Dont worry

Thanks, is that flaking on the reflector normal?

Maybe it’s because of glue
Normally it shouldn’t be there
But just blow it, clean it, you shouldn’t worry about it

Maybe it’s because of glue
Normally it shouldn’t be there
But just blow it, clean it, you shouldn’t worry about it

It doesn’t seem like glue. Like someone put a CD in the microwave.

I got BG to send a replacement reflector. Not only is this one free of speckle and slightly better machined, the pattern inside is much finer. My best guess as to the stuff is whatever was sprayed inside to make the pattern. Does not clean up or scratch off.