Review: Astrolux S1 3D Flashlight


Astrolux S1 3D 18650 Flashlight Review

The people at Banggood provided me with an opportunity to review the Astrolux S1 flashlight. This is a flashlight which appears to be a replica of the very popular and highly successful BLF SE A6 flashlight. I’ve been a fan of the cigar shaped flashlights for a while. The Convoy S2 and S3’s have been my flashlight of choice for many years. Other similar sized flashlights have appeared on the market with many performing very well. Then came the wonderful BLF SE A6, which was came about through the excellent efforts of those on the BLF forum. The design, component selection and excellent driver and firmware, all came together to produce an amazing flashlight. After having purchased the BLF SE A6 3D version, it quickly became my most favourite flashlight.

I was keen to test out the Astrolux S1 to see how well it performs and if it could outdo the original design. What I found was very impressive. Read below for more details.

Link to product at Bangood Astrolux S1 (Not an Aff Link). Listed price is around $29.95


The Astrolux S1 arrived in a nice box containing the flashlight, 18350 extension tube and a small plastic bag containing the lanyard, replacement tailcap and two extra O rings. Basically everything one could expect here plus a few extras. For those who enjoy retaining the gift box you may consider removing the tape. I’m not too concerned about the tape, however I have read in the past people have had success removing it after applying some heat. The inclusion of the 18350 tube is a real bonus.

Below we see the BLF version alongside. The box is better presented as it’s without the tape, but we see the inclusion of the 18350 extension tube I the Astrolux offering. Otherwise the flashlights themselves appears very similar if not identical. The packet of extras is similar too.

Sellers/Manufacturers Specs


Product name:

Astrolux S1 CREE XPL EDC LED Flashlight





Emitter Brand


Emitter Type:


Circuit Driver:

A17DD-L FET+1 Driver (by wight)

Light Tint:

3D (5000K), 1A (6500K), 5A(4000K)


Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy


Group 1:Moon-Low-Med1-Med2-High1-High2-Turbo(Short press<0.5s)

Group 2: Low,Med,High,Turbo (Short press<0.5s)


Moon-Turbo-Tactical Strobe-Battcheck-Bike Flasher (Medium press 0.5s-1.5s)

Battery Configurations:

1 x 18650 /18350 Battery (not included)

Switch Type:


Switch Location:

tail of the flashlight

Impact Resistant

1 meter

Max Output:

1600lumens (max) (use 18650 protected power battery)

Working Voltage:



Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass

with anti-reflective coating


Orange Peel Reflector

Carrying Clip



IPX-8 waterproof 2 meters




80g without battery


120mm x 24mm(length x body diameter)

More Information:

- First special-edition with a direct-drive FET, so it has the 

brightest turbo mode you can get.

  • First special-edition with a regulated lower-power second channel 

    for stable and efficient low modes.
  • True moon mode.
  • Up to 1600 lumens from a single emitter in a small tube light (with 

    the right battery, and a spring bypass mod). Closer to 1400 lumens 

    with no mods and lower-amp batteries.
  • User-toggle-able mode memory.
  • User-toggle-able mode groups.
  • Well-spaced visually-linear output modes.
  • Includes some hidden modes for those who want them.
  • Battery check mode!
  • First clicky-switch stock light with both forward and backward mode 

    navigation in a single tap (short/medium press).
  • With mode memory off, the user can access 4 different modes 

    (including the highest and lowest) within 1 second.
  • Fast PWM so the pulsing won’t be visible.
  • The firmware and the driver designs are available for anyone who 

    wants to modify them.


· Utilizes CREE XPL LED

· Maximum output of 1600 lumens

· High efficiency constant current circuit

. Hidden battery check

· Direct access to ultra-low and turbo output

. User selectable  "4 or 7 evenly-spaced modes".(Moon to High)

. User selectable mode memory (always starts on Moon without mode memory but easily reverses to Turbo with a click)

. Fast PWM for lower regulated modes

· Reverse polarity protection prevents damage from an incorrectly inserted battery

· Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating

· Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy

· HAIII military grade hard-anodized

· Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (2 meters submersible)

· Impact resistant to 1 meters

· Tail stand capability

. Moon capable

The Astrolux S1 comes in multiple LED versions. The model tested is equipped with the #D LED, which is my preferred tint.

Quality and components

The flashlight is a compact tubular design that uses the 18650 Li On Cells that fits nicely in hand. It comes with a fitted carry clip that can be removed.

The flashlight length is almost identical to the Convoy S2+, however it’s slightly longer than the Olight S30. The flashlight can tailstand.

Alongside the BLF SE A6 the dimensions are near identical. Visually the only obvious difference being the labelling.

The anodisation in the supplied flashlight is of a high standard. Very pleased with the quality of the anodisation in the head, body and tail. No imperfections found. The color is consistent too, being black.

Below is close up image of the XPL LED

Image below of the body with  the head section removed. The thread being lightly lubed and includes an O ring fitted.

One difference noticed was that of the spring attached to the LED driver board. The spring size is larger than that included in the BLF SE A6. The Astrolux S1 is on the left of the image below.

Side by side comparison of the geads of the two flashlights. Both include an OP reflector. The LED plastic gasket differs between the two flashlights. Astrolux S1 on left, BLD SE A6 on right.

Dismantled head and tailcap. Threads are slightly squared, not too sharp. Very nice quality.

Body tube shows even thickness walls.

Below is the 18350 tube. Orings are not fitted, however these are included in at accesory pack included with the flashlight. The threads did not come lubed.

Side by side there are some very minor differences between the carry flips. For me the larger wings on the end of the securing section of the carry clip were too large. In the image below the Astrolux S1 has clearly smaller wings which may prevent damage to your trousers, for those who like to carry the flashlight in their pockets.

My personal preference is to not use a carry clip on my pocket flashlights. Below I’ve removed the clip and fitted the 18350 body to the Astrolux S1. The inclusion of the extra tube is a nice little bonus without much impact to the price.

Alongside is the BLF A6 

The supplied 18650 tube in the Astrolux S1 measured approximatley 69.5mm. This is identical to the BLF SE A6. In the image below I have loaded both flashlights with a LG HE4 flat top battery which is 65mm in length. The end of the battery extends just above the edge of the tube. This is due to the larger spring fitted to the driver board. Longer batteries such as the NCR18650B with button top at 70mm in length are also ok with this flashlight.

Head of the S1 partially dismantled. LED board. Quite clean with good solder joints.

Tailcap dismantled. Easily achieved allowing easy access to those who wish to replace the tailcap.

Close up view of the switch

User Interface

One of the great features of this flashlight is the excellent firmware included in the driver. The image below describes how to navigate between settings/modes. The flexibility of the firmware provides access to a range of modes that meet most peoples needs. My personal preference being the Group 2 (Low - Medium - High - Turbo) with Memory activated. The modes are nicely spaced with the the ability to use turbo when needed to really impress. Turbo mode drops down to High mode after around 90 seconds. In that time the hed becomes noticeably very warm. Credit to Toykeeper for developing excellent firmware. below is the image that describes how to navigate between modes.

Current Measurements

The Current measurements were taken using a UNIT UT204 clamp meter with a 12AWG wire with the tailcap removed. Actual current levels will be lower due to the resistance of the tailcap switch and spring. The measurements below suggest that the direct drive performance of the Astrolux S1 is marginally better than that of the BLF A6. The internal components of the two torches are very similar. The only noticeable difference being the larger spring present in the head of the Astrolux S1. This may result in a lower resistance, thus higher tailcap current. The LED wires may also play a part here too.

On Turbo mode the flashlight head heats up very quickly. It is not recommended that it be used on high mode for extended periods. During the testing that resulted in the measurements recorded. The Flashlight head heated up very quickly, even 30S at these currents are not recommended.

Light Output

Below are my ceiling bounce measurements. This is a good guide of the total light output produced by flashlights as a method of comparison. The results I presented below have been refreshed from those I’ve included in past reviews. A new light meter was used and all measurements conducted in the same conditions. The measurements of the Astrolux S1 are very similar to those of the BLF SE A6. This isn’t unexpected as they are near identical products. Both results are very impressive given the small size of the flashlights. These results are measured on the highest output setting for each flashlight. In the case of the Astrolux S1, it’s the turbo mode.

Indoor Beamshots






I’m extremely impressed with this flashlight. Based on my findings I’d consider this flashlight a slight improvement on the excellent if not great BLF A6 SE model. The quality and performance of this flashlight make it a must buy for flashlight users.

Link to product at Bangood Astrolux S1 (Not an Aff Link). Listed price is around $29.95 which represents wonderful value for such a high quality and performance flashlight.


> Excellent Quality

> Great User interface

> Very High Performance

> Includes 18350 tube

> Improved carry clip.


> Only available in Black.


nice review.
Also this comes really nice packaged, nice box and very cool they add the 18350 tube, very complete.

Thanks for the feedback. I think it’s great value. It represents a slight improvement over the BLF SE A6, and as it’s being sold at the same price it’s slightly better vlaue as it also comes with the 18350 tube. The BLF SE A6 is also an excellent buy for those wanting the BLF logo. Both great torches.

Thanks, great review with a convincing comparison to the BLF-A6 !

Great review! I am glad you are so thorough on your reviews, they look great and raise the bar.

I think the Astrolux brand is going to be around for a while, so far they are doing things right!

Excellent review, and thanks for the comparison with BLF A6

Weird, are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is the lower right of the hotspot loaded up/extra bright compared to the rest? That’s really odd.

Great review. Thank you.

I do see in the pic, that the negative solder joint on LED board is NOT very neat. Probably adequate, but I would have to touch that up.

Is it ok if i’m using lower amp 18650 e.g. samsung icr18650 on turbo? Since it was direct drive on turbo, is it safe for that non- protected battery?

ToyKeepers firmware has low voltage protection, so it is safe to use non protected batteries

- Low-voltage protection will progressively step down the output at

about 2.8V, and the light will shut itself off when it gets below 2.7V.

As you say it’s not perfect but could be improved. I’ll not touch it up as it performs well.

Nice review. Thanks.

Looking closer I do so what you are describing, That’s probably due to the angle at which I took the photos.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I was very pleased with the flashlight. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the review quality pleas elet me know. I feel that I had too many photos in this one and not enough explanation. The review is very positive for reasons I honestly really liked the flashlight. I’d say the same for the BLF A6. My BLF A6 has a couple of very minor quality issues, one being the uneven walls of the 18650 tube and the other was the color of the anodisation for the tailcap which was slighty blueish. Otherwise an excellent flashlight. The S1 tested is an A6 without th equality issues and with a couple of minor additions or improvements.

“More Information: first … first ….”

That’s for values of “first” as an integer between 1 and 3, unless they’re claiming all they changed was the paint, right?

There is a coupon code of 8a955d which provides an extra 15% OFF

Astrolux S1 (Not an Aff Link)

that’s in no way a complaint about the review — just took a poke at the manufacturer’s official description quoted from.
The original BLF-label light is the first with those features.
This one is — we can hope — an accurate copy with a different name painted on.

Thanks for the review. I was considering getting it for a friend but it seems to be sold out.

It seems all the hard work BLF specials require for the team members who make them possible and the flashoholic community that backs the sale of the first orders like a BLF kickstarter program is very much welcomed by the manufacterer for a follow up with a flashlight developed by real experts at the cost of no R&D and tested by flashlight junkies.