Review & Beamshots: KDLITKER E6 21700 (w Orange Peel CSLNM1 P60 Module!)

Thanks for posting. I’m liking my E6 21700- as you say they’re very well made.

How tight a fit is that Kaidomain drop in inside the E6? I’ve only tried cheap generic drop ins in mine.

PS: I don’t supposed you’ve tried their triple or quad emitter drop ins?

That’s odd that they put an OP reflector with an emitter that’s known for throw. Do they not offer it with SMO?

It’s a normal fit. I don’t do qauds or triples because not enough throw.

I asked if they have a smooth reflector for it, but no response.

I have SMO with SFT40 drop in

What’s the lux on that one? And where to get it?

Hi Rusty! Lux I don’t know but can find in Kaido the host. I make myself

Unfortunately, that op reflector really detracts from the throw.

No smooth available?

I am aware of none.

See the website. Maybe you find a smooth reflector