Review: Bedtime Bulb E27 LED (2200K, CRI95)

Sunlike8 can be mixed to 3500k Review: SunLike8 SMD SAW E27 LED bulb (4200K, CRI98)

Someone asked about REMEZ 3500k. REMEZ can be 3000k and 5700k ONLY.

I am going to produse SunLike5 with 2200k SOL leds

I believe that what is happening with the Bedtime bulb is that a large draw on the mains decreases the current to the circuit which is similar to what a dimmer does. The driver sees the decrease in current as a dimmer and decreases output. When the mains stabilizes after the in rush to the motor, the output returns to full. Lamps that don’t exhibit this behavior are likely not “dimmable”.

I don’t know if it’s possible for a dimmable lamp to not react in this way unless it could be programmed to not decrease output unless the current is decreased for >1 second. This would cause a delay when utilizing a dimmer which many users would not like.

We are finding your analysis to be mainly correct. We do believe it is possible to implement a dimmable driver that does not have this behavior, but it will likely require a different topology than what we currently use.

There is not enough space for good led driver inside filament led bulb

Not necessarily true, but it requires a different topology.

Yep, that someone was me. I discovered this thread by djozz called “SunLike 3500K 95+ CRI midpower led from Seoul Semiconductors tested”, and I said to myself “Hey, Remez builds with the same make and model of LED in 3000k, I should email Adam and see if he can source Remez in 3500k. But nope.

REMEZ is too cheap to bee good. SunLike8 is my baby what much better than REMEZ 9

Well the (8) Remez I bought from you are quite impressive now that their tint has been fixed. My rooms take 5 bulbs each, so this is what pricing look like for me:

$35 per room for Remez 7 watt
$105 per room for Sunlike 7 watt
$232 per room for Sunlike 8 watt (with more efficiency)

  • Shipping

So no regrets on my Remez purchase.

I will waiting for you after about 12 month for new order of REMEZ (R.) :smiley:

In your calculation something wrong…

So, 5pcs R.9 cost from me 5x8+6$=46$
5pcs S.8 cost from me 5x21+6$=111$ (real price for shipping for me much more, because of weight)

That’s why I ordered the 3 “spares” to put in my bathroom. I can steal from there if I have some die in the office. Even with bad luck, they are still a better value.
5pcs R.9 would be $46, but you had to cancel that order because of flicker issues on 120v. So R.7 was my only option. And yea, there is a less efficient S.8 option for $111.

Are there any more UK users in here? I would appreciate help from a few more people to establish statistical significance (for the UK only).

The deal is:

  • We send you a Bedtime Bulb (either E27 or B22 base) for free
  • You observe it for a few minutes to see whether the light is steady or has any fluctuations
  • It’s yours to keep afterwards

If you are open to helping me with this and are in the UK, please send me a PM.


I have now used and observed the Bedtime Bulb in three locations in southern germany and wasn’t able to notice any kind of fluctuation.

@yeutterg, if you still need more testers in the UK, just post your free bulb offer over on the BLF Deal Alert thread. THAT will get you some PM’s. :partying_face:


@ikkentobi Awesome, thanks for that feedback!

I have now used and observed the Bedtime Bulb for good few minutes and wasn’t able to notice any kind of fluctuation:

Video clip:

I really appreciate the warm feeling I got when using this bulb :+1:

@rost333 Thank you so much!

I received one this morning, and had it on for a few hours this evening. Absolutely no fluctuations noticible to me.

Should visit Help me find a Nice, Warm, Night Light , as there’s a dearth of flicker-free nightlights, too.

Woody, that’s great to hear!

Lightbringer, thanks I’ll check it out!