Review: Bedtime Bulb E27 LED (2200K, CRI95)

We are finding your analysis to be mainly correct. We do believe it is possible to implement a dimmable driver that does not have this behavior, but it will likely require a different topology than what we currently use.

There is not enough space for good led driver inside filament led bulb

Not necessarily true, but it requires a different topology.

Yep, that someone was me. I discovered this thread by djozz called “SunLike 3500K 95+ CRI midpower led from Seoul Semiconductors tested”, and I said to myself “Hey, Remez builds with the same make and model of LED in 3000k, I should email Adam and see if he can source Remez in 3500k. But nope.

REMEZ is too cheap to bee good. SunLike8 is my baby what much better than REMEZ 9

Well the (8) Remez I bought from you are quite impressive now that their tint has been fixed. My rooms take 5 bulbs each, so this is what pricing look like for me:

$35 per room for Remez 7 watt
$105 per room for Sunlike 7 watt
$232 per room for Sunlike 8 watt (with more efficiency)

  • Shipping

So no regrets on my Remez purchase.

I will waiting for you after about 12 month for new order of REMEZ (R.) :smiley:

In your calculation something wrong…

So, 5pcs R.9 cost from me 5x8+6$=46$
5pcs S.8 cost from me 5x21+6$=111$ (real price for shipping for me much more, because of weight)

That’s why I ordered the 3 “spares” to put in my bathroom. I can steal from there if I have some die in the office. Even with bad luck, they are still a better value.
5pcs R.9 would be $46, but you had to cancel that order because of flicker issues on 120v. So R.7 was my only option. And yea, there is a less efficient S.8 option for $111.

Are there any more UK users in here? I would appreciate help from a few more people to establish statistical significance (for the UK only).

The deal is:

  • We send you a Bedtime Bulb (either E27 or B22 base) for free
  • You observe it for a few minutes to see whether the light is steady or has any fluctuations
  • It’s yours to keep afterwards

If you are open to helping me with this and are in the UK, please send me a PM.


I have now used and observed the Bedtime Bulb in three locations in southern germany and wasn’t able to notice any kind of fluctuation.

@yeutterg, if you still need more testers in the UK, just post your free bulb offer over on the BLF Deal Alert thread. THAT will get you some PM’s. :partying_face:


@ikkentobi Awesome, thanks for that feedback!

I have now used and observed the Bedtime Bulb for good few minutes and wasn’t able to notice any kind of fluctuation:

Video clip:

I really appreciate the warm feeling I got when using this bulb :+1:

@rost333 Thank you so much!

I received one this morning, and had it on for a few hours this evening. Absolutely no fluctuations noticible to me.

Should visit Help me find a Nice, Warm, Night Light , as there’s a dearth of flicker-free nightlights, too.

Woody, that’s great to hear!

Lightbringer, thanks I’ll check it out!

So from following this thread, it appears to me the ‘flicker issue’ is most likely fluctuations in voltage coming through the bulb’s AC/DC converter.
Power fluctuations actually happen often even in the USA, but it seems all devices except LED bulbs have enough capacitance to ride them out. There’s just not enough space or value to get fancy with the electronics in an LED bulb.

Though, if I spent $20 on a premium light bulb for bedtime use that scares my brain every time the power fluctuated, I would wish I just bought a 80 cent halogen.

Hey Josh, you’re right that we have some fluctuations in the US too. But our circuit handles it pretty well in the US.