Review: Bedtime Bulb E27 LED (2200K, CRI95)

Europe has a slower 50hz AC frequency that may require extra capacitance to ride out the longer starvation period.

Not on my block. We’re at the end of the line, pretty much the worst hold-up around. The guy who runs a huge saw on the opposite block will dim the lights here when he powers it up (inrush current).

You want to put a bulb to the test in the US, try it here. :laughing:

Well, we were planning on redesigning the driver anyway for both North America and Europe, mainly for better dimmer compatibility. This is just accelerating that!

Tested for a couple hours the past few nights and didn’t notice any flickering whatsoever. Really nice cosy warm light :+1:

Same for me!

Thanks hodor and finges for the feedback!

Based on the survey results so far, we haven’t noticed any issues in the UK. The most likely plan of action is to continue to sell there. Meanwhile, we are working on a new driver for all bulbs (US included) that fixes the issue in Europe and gives us a wider dimmer compatibility. It will be a while before this is ready, but I thought you would appreciate the insight.

Hi, tested mine in a few different light fittings. It takes a bit of getting used to for me because we currently have 3 x 9w lamps in our light fitting and having them off and 1 40w lamp replacing it is a massive difference (nothing to do with the lamp lol - i had 1).
It switches on instantly where my other LAP 9w lamps take a split second longer. One thing I didn’t care for much was being able to see the orange square leds inside. The screwfix LAP 9w lamp seems to spread the light much better , you can’t see the leds at all and the bulb is white. Seeing led is fine when it’s a filament or such like, not so attractive when you see a square block in the middle.
The light is a little orange for my liking, I tried it against my s41 with nichias in and an ‘orange’ fruit looked overly ‘orange’ under this bedtime light.
Tried it in 2 dimmers, 1 had no problem the other had an issue, but it was set up for the LAP lamps - it is not a normal dimmer, you can program it Varilight vpro - LINK after I adjusted it, it worked fine.

Health benefit/better sleep wise, well we had it in the bedroom a couple of nights now and so far haven’t noticed any difference. But it may take longer or be so slight you don’t ever notice it, or it does nothing at all.
I will update this in the future :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting me try it out!

G0OSE, thanks so much for the feedback!

I don’t recommend looking directly at any light source, regardless of how diffused or dim it is. The primary purpose of the coating is partial glare reduction when used without a shade, but the best place to put any light source is in a lamp that has significant external diffusion (such as a shade or globe). But otherwise, thanks!

I’ve tried it a few times in conjunction with a simple light meter & I can confirm that the brightness is steady.
At first I tried it in a table lamp & I thought it may have had a glitch, equivalent to a very quick off /on but after a bit of testing with other bulbs I concluded it was the actual lamp & not the bulb , I’ve tried it in several ceiling light fittings & it works flawlessly.
It’s a very nice tint ,it very close to the blf lantern on the warm setting.

Kevin, thanks so much! Appreciate the feedback.

I will reiterate that we have decided to limit sales to the UK for now until we have a different driver design.

A friend tested one in a range of fixtures over the past week and didn’t notice any flickering. It doesn’t play well with some dimmers but that’s as advertised.

hodor, thanks a lot for reaching out to your friend and sharing his feedback.


Why these bed Leds bulb instead of inexpensive dimming incandescent?

Because of laws. In many countries you cannot buy incandescent bulbs anymore. And because of efficiency and heat, of course.

You can use 1€ small Oven bulbs.
Available on shops in 15 or 25w and they can be easy dim.Perfecs with theirs low cct
Blue peaks and PWM absent.
Comfort on bedroom better than Leds

Will you consider an E26 thread base, for the US/non-European market? Slightly smaller and a better fit to the standard E26 socket, though I realize the E27 will fit tolerably well in E26 sockets.

I’m looking forward to hearing when you resume sales to US buyers. That’s many of us. Consider a group buy rate?

Incandescent are almost always more expensive over the long term, even compared to more expensive LED bulbs that allow for dimming and have almost reached parity for light quality.

Not having to swap bulbs all the time (and singing my fingers doing so) would be the worth the cost to me even if incandescent were free TBH.

The consumption of low wattage like one 15w incandescent is irrelevant in terms of costs.
I have one near my bed from 2 year and still work,paid just 1€

Tangentially, there’s a way to eavesdrop by detecting lamp flickers: