Review: Blitzwolf BW-ET1 Review AA/14500 Flashlight

strange - i will need to play with my bench power supply when mine arrives ;)

It is disappointing that the output current isn’t higher for 2s AA configuraitons, but it isn’t all that odd, either.

The simplest thing is to have one group of output levels when the driver is running as a boost converter (as it must when the supply voltage is less than the forward voltage of the LED at the desired output).

I got this light with extension tube on a steep promotional discount a month or so ago. With a 14500, it’s a decent value for what I paid for it, but even then, I find the ramping a bit annoying. From low, is a bit too fast to start. Then, it seems to slow down a lot, too much, once you get past the halfway point. I’d almost rather it just stopped there and let me double-click to get to high. That’s pretty much what I end up doing now, but with the added annoyance of having a few moments of not knowing whether it is ramping up or down if I try to adjust from the mid-point.

As a dual-chemistry, 1s AA light, I think it falls short, outputwise of my UT01 and Sofirn SP10b. As a 2x AA light it is inferior to my Sofirn SF13 in most respects.

But, like I said, it isn’t a bad 1s 14500 light. I like the larger than typical reflector, the diffuser, and the magnetic tail-cap.

I was curious how this brand was since my dad ordered a variant for $15 (

Got 3 of these for the kids now, last one was £8 from Banggood, a step down on any light is a good idea tbh just in case kids leave them on fully or bad things happen in your pocket or bag etc.
It’s not the end of the world double tapping to engage turbo again after 1-3 mins etc