Review: Boker 073 Folding knife No.2

"BOKER" 073 Folding knife No.2


I already reviewed this knife model before. Actually it was my first knife purchase ever. This time instead from DX comes from TinyDeal. It is the same knife as DX carry? Maybe, but i'm inclined to think it does come from elsewhere. As a surprise this comes with a holster (it is the correct term? Sheath is unapropriate). Not the best holster but good enough and most certainly worth the tiny price difference from competition. The blade anodization is alot more thicker. Worth to mention this one is the sharpest of all knives upon arrival. Apart from the DX version this one came thechnicall perfect, with the locking liner engaging securely and reliably whic was not the case with the dx one. I had to fiddle with to work properly. Technically excellent. No side to side play. Requires just enough force to open that you feel okay that it will not become a pocket backstabbing bast@rd on you. Finish? Very nice BUT if it came with a few scratches less i would be extremely pleased. There are some scratches that makes me think someone ordered like 100's of them and threw them altogether in a large box and shaken them for a while. Your sample might came visually perfect, depends on under which star you're born. Like the UltraLottery concept develeoped in flashlights.

The knife is quite big. Full length is 20cm and makes a good knife for the non small handers. It's a knife that gets easily noticed. If that's good or bad depends on application. Most certainly it is not a knife for someone who wold like to pass unnoticed when used to open some nasty/annoying snack or drink package. EDC? Well... if youre my size it is doable but the problem is not the size but the weight. It is rather heavy. I like it due to its size and grip in hand and also the "fear" factor it provides. The only grief was the tiny scratches present on the body. SRM knives never came scratched so far. Can be wrist flick opened easily. One handed operation is very doable. The thumbstud is removable as with all other similar knives if any1 require to do it (laws or other reasons).

Do i reccomend it? Well... if you like the size and aesthetics you can't go wrong at the price asked. It's a good blade. Does not excell in anything but it has no bad points either. Perhaps the only downside would be the handle that might get annoying in subzero enviroments used with bare hands.

Nice review butgeteer. I hate it when thing come scratched!!

Can they not understand that we do not want damaged goods.

Nice. I have that exact knife but from DX and it is a great knife. Excellent quality, finish and ergonomics. It's actually one of DX's most popular knives and for very good reason. While for some reason I almost never carry mine (must be the stainless body) I highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in it. Mine from DX came in a box and was not scratched.


anybody bought one of the Subcom fakes yet? I've been tempted but even at $15 would rather know its at least not gonna bend or chip.

There was a video posted recently on this board that showed a dude torture-testing budget knives; the Subcom held up well.

I ordered this one the other day. For the price I thought I'd give it a try though I'm afraid the pictures shown are so blurry for a reason... Will report back when I get it.

edit: Oh, and thanks Budgeteer for the review! ;)

I have that blade. One of the first i ever bought from DX. Cute little knife but even with a steel blade it wears like it’s aluminum. Dulls just by looking at it.

Thats what I was afraid of, guess I'll hold out til I can justify a real one. Bought a Hattori awhile back though so SWMBO will probably kill me if another knife shows up.

Great review Budgeteer! I agree totally with Budgeteer. It's definitely a very nice knife for the price. Mine weighed in at 157.1 grams and also came with a bunch of scratches. I just didn't want to go through the hassle of getting a replacement which most likely will be scratched not worth the hassle to me.

One thing I don't like about it is when you flick it open, the liner lock goes all the way to the other end and makes it a bit tough to close it with just one hand. This does not happen when opened slowly with one hand using your thumb.

Would I buy this knife again? Yes--mainly because of the price and the quality for a knife that cheap isn't bad at all. Plus it does look pretty me anyway.

I have to say that I do like the styling. Another nice review! Thanks a lot! Sticky'd.

I have the wood version of this from DX and it doesn't have some of the cons such as scratches or heavy weight. Very very nice except it doesn't insta-flick open like SRM's, and the screws used are somewhat cheap and loose. I highly recommend loctite-ing them in as you will lose them if not.

I don't have a fake Subcom but a genuine Subcom used to be my go-to EDC knife (basically, the knife I would use when pulling a full-size Spydie SP07PS wasn't necessary to get the job done or might scare people) for over a year. I don't think either knife ever let me down. Resharpening the Subcom was a bit of a pain, IIRC but other than that, I don't have anything bad to say about it.

That's too bad - most of my SRMs liner locks have come properly fitted so that liner fully engages the forward (beginning?) section of the locking surface of the blade. Then you have some time to allow for wear of the mechanism. If it is going all the way to the end (even if you flick it) then it is approaching the end of its life as a secure lock.

This knife is still interesting to me, though - it's one of the first SRMs that really caught my eye. Actually, I own the DX version of this knife - big and solid.

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I have the knock-off Boker Subcom from DX, and it's been my EDC for several months now. It's very small and light. Mine takes an edge easily with a Crock-Stick sharpener and hold the edge reasonably well. I mostly use it to cut tape on boxes and it excels at that... I have to occasionally tighten the screw to keep the proper tension on the blade but that's just because I haven't put any blue lock-tite on it yet. I wanted a compact, light-weight knife because I carry a lot in my pockets and the subcom is perfect for my use.

Do not get the one from DX. Its steel is softer than your household’s table cutlery.