Review: BTone AA 2500mAh and 2100mAh LSD NiMh batteries

BTone AA 2500mAh and 2100mAh LSD NiMh batteries

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★★★


Battery chemistry:
Size/Category: AA
Special things:
LSD (80% after 2 years)
2500mAh - 2100mAh (depending version)
Max Cycles:
1000 charge/discharge cicles

Price Payed: 12.10$
From: DealExtreme
Date Ordered:

September 2011


  • True capacity as claimed (see capacity test) specially the 2100mAh version
  • Very good build quality
  • Seems to be real LSD technology
  • Very cheap for the capacity and quality
  • 2 batteries came with "manufacture date". (good for LSD test)


  • Labeling not very well finished... (the 2500mAh version)
  • The 2500mAh version is not near the minimum capacity (for now)

Features / Value: ★★★★

This review will be about 2 products, the BTone 2500 and BTone 2100 (I have both, good for compare one to other)...

As I dont have many AA NiMh cells, I decided to move to LSD technology, and that the fact that appeared those BTone batteries at DX at an affordable price.... here they are

The 4x 2500mAh version, is availabe for 12.1$, which I consider very good for the price -

The 4x 2100mAh version, is availabe for 10.2$, which I consider very good for the price -

The 2x 2100mAh version, is availabe for 5.7$, which I consider good for the price, but the x4 pack is cheaper (price per unit) -

OK let´s take my Imax and test their capacity.

Then, I will try to do a long-run test, long-time capacity measurement to see how much they can hold.

Design / Build Quality: ★★★★★

Let´s stard with the 2500mAh version:

Not much to say. They look good but the "labeling finish" could be better, specially in the positive part. It seems to exist "too much" label in that zone... But only esthetics...

They doesnt have any "venting" hole, or they are "hidden".

Now the 2100mAh version:

They have better "labeling" than the 2500mAh version (positive end). The rest is the same.

Capacity test: ★★★★★

BTone 2500mAh version:

I have used my Imax B6 to test them. Take into account that, I still dont know to use it completely, and I have issues with the "delta peak" charging Ni-Mh batteries, so...

The procedure of charging and discharging has been made in this way:

Discharge: 0,5A down to 0,9v

Charge: 0,5A up to fully charged (some problems with the "delta peak" and the Imax, but not due to to batteries itself, I still trying to solve that issue... maybe the nedymiun magnets and the springs I use with the imax...)

The first pack has this measurements of voltage:

When received (charged from factory): 1.297 1.298 1.298 1.299
After the first charge:.................
After a day (first cycle):.................

First discharge (from factory) at 0,5A down to 0,9v:

687 mAh
707 mAh
717 mAh
706 mAh

Second discharge:

2192 mAh
2182 mAh
2213 mAh
2170 mAh

This is starting to show good results

Third discharge:

2181 mAh

2170 mAh

2206 mAh

2160 mAh

Capacity does not increase? Curious

Fourth discharge:

2232 mAh

Fifth discharge:

2270 mAh

BTone 2100mAh version:

First discharge down to 0,9v @0,5A (charged from factory)


See that the 4 first ones are from the x4 pack and the 2 last ones are from the x2 pack. Curious

Second down to 0,9v @0,5A (charged by me at 0,5A)


Capacity is growing up to the adecuate levels.....

Third discharge down to 0,9v @0,5A (charged by me at 0,5A)



Fourth discharge:


Fifth discharge:


Low Self Discharge test:

I will try to test them after a year resting with no use. I will try to keep at least 2 of them without being used. Completely charged and not used in a year, then check their voltage and their capacity after a discharge test in the Imax.

In a short-time period, lets say a week, they seem to keep the charge very well.

BTone AA 2100mAh

Link (pack of 2) -

Link (pack of 4) -

FYI, no load voltages were:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 months (1.330v, 1.319v, 1.309v, 1.307v, 1.301v, 1.300v)

Measured capacity - 1930mAh

Remaining after six months - 1725mAh

So it has about 89% of it´s capacity still available after 6 months.

BTone AA 2500mAh

Link -

FYI, no load voltages were:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 months (1.337v, 1.327v, 1.315v, 1.310v, 1.308v, 1.304v)

Measured capacity - 2276mAh

Remaining after six months - 1981mAh

So it has about 87% of it´s capacity still available after 6 months.

Video showing packaging and batteries, 2500mA version:

Video showing packaging and batteries, 2100mA version:

Capacity test completed. You can check results above.

Now LSD test in progress... let´s see how they perform over the time....

I'll stick with eneloop for the same price or maybe cheaper. I will not pay that much for AA chinese LSD. Well maybe less than $1/each. Like these, better known brand for WAY cheaper:

Nice review, good to know that these are also good-to-go if needed!

Still, I might stick with Eneloops mostly, even here in Finland it is possible to get your hands on 4-pack for about 2$ more than these.

In my opinion, 2100mAh version is BETTER than the 2500mAh version

The 2100mAh is cheaper and the capacity is more accurate than the 2500mAh version

The 2100mAh is about 19xxmAh (near to 2000)

The 2500mAh is about 22xxmAh (near to 2300)

The 2500mAh version is far from the 2500mAh declared capacity...

Both are more "next" to the minimun than the "typical" capacity

Now LSD test will say even more

Was meaning to try the 2500's , thanks for the test ...

If anyone is interested in the 2100mAh version, now available at 8.30$ a pack of 4

They are performing as my 1st gen eneloop both in capacity and in LSD, but…… they are not sanyo, of course

Hmm, why do they have Sanyo’s product code for 1st gen eneloops - HR-3UTG - printed on them?

Nothing new…… they have the codes “trying” to appear that they are eneloop or something.

They are not manufactured by sanyo, it says in the label “beiteyuan technology” or something….

They are not eneloops, they perform as my 1st gen eneloop (in terms of capacity and LSD).

The venting holes are “square” where in the eneloops are some king of “triangular”……