[review] can I get a good charger with 1 dollar

youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLrrcV2Jp1g

Good afternoon, my friends.

As the title shows, I have just tested the UGREEN charger two days ago. It has a good charging effect but the price is a bit expensive, so it occurs to me that whether I can buy a charger at a price of 1 dollar but the quality is good. Is it possible?

There is an old saying in China, cheap items has no quality assurance, under most circumstances you will get garbage with low price, but is there really no cheap but good charging head?

So I started online shopping, I chose “PINDUODUO” to buy chargers, but as everyone knows, although the price is cheaper, the quality of products are not guaranteed, you can imagine that you can buy an iPhoneX in 100 dollors, will you willing to use such a mobile phone? this must be a super DIY mobile phone with cheap accessories and fake operation system.

you can see the review video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFGPMKkfhAE

Here are 5 chargers I bought, mark them from 1-5:

①pink charger with 3 output, it can provide 5V/3.1A(output 1) and 5V/2A(output2/3), it cost $1.26 ($1.1 for group buying)

②white charger with 2 output, it can provide 5V/2.1A and 5V/1A, it cost $1.39 ($1.13 for group buying)

③white charger with 1 output, it can provide 5V/1A , it cost $1.12 ($0.98 for group buying)

④white charger with 1 output, it can provide 5V/1A , it cost $1.36 ($1.22 for group buying)

⑤black charger with 2 output, it can provide 5V/2.1A and 5V/2.1A, it cost $1.69 ($1.04 for group buying)

OK, now that we know the parameters of these five charging heads, we add a Huawei 5V/2A charging head as a comparison. It is reliable and has been shown in the previous video.

As always, first we measure the charging voltage and current when charge a mobile phone, the remaining battery should not be too low or too high.

We can get the following results:

from these data, we can only know the most chargers are working under 1A. and only the ⑤ black chager can support higher current, and now we can not know the quality.

Next, we use the electric load to test whether their output ports support the maximum current as they say.

insert the USB tester and the electric load can easily know the max current the interface support. adjust the current and see when the USB tester starts to flash and the voltage starts to decrease.

we can get the data here

according to the data,the ①② charger can only support 1A but they says they can support 3.1A/2A/2.1A, other chargers can reaches the max current.

so ③④⑤ need more test, and ①② are rubbish

by the way, the ⑤ black charger can only support one interface 5V/2.1A at the same time, they can not work both 5V/2.1A, if you use both, the voltage is not stable and it can not even power on the USB tester.

last we measure their working temperature, our room temperature is 30 °C, we set the max current of each charger, the ③④ cahrgers are 1A, and the ⑤ charger is 2.1A, let them work for 10 mintues.

and the test results of six chargers are as follows:

the ③④ charger is smaller and we set 1A, they increase from 40℃ to 70℃. the quality is not so good, because it is very hot.

the ⑤ charger is larger and we set 2.1A, it increase from 41℃ to 59℃, it is better.

in short, none of them are good, ①② can not support the max current, ③④ the working temperature is too high, ⑤ can not work 5V/2.1A on both interface at the same time.

many people just charge their phone but they don't know weather the charger is good or not. until the charger broke, burnt or overheat, they know the quality is bad.

We can see that the comments of these bad chargers are basically positive reviews. There are a few negative reviews that dare to tell the truth. We can understand that the sellers may hire some people to buy their products and publish positive reviews , but I cannot understand why not use these money to improve the product themselves? Bad products will only make the store disreputable. and these “positive product” will only mislead other customers to think it is a good product.

Our products allow ordinary people to easily view the charging data of the chargers without professional equipment, then they can know the quality of the charger, so that they can avoid using bad chargers to charge their phone, and the measurement data can be used as evidence when you want to ******.

So why not buy a USB tester/ and a electric load to measure your mobile phone charger.

Thank you for reading

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Interesting test.

hope you like it

those are not technically ‘chargers’ = they are ‘power supplies’

the ‘charger’ for a phone, is in the phone.

you are right :smiley:

and you can certainly get them for a dollar
you can also get 18650 chargers for about that too
[[which are really ‘chargers’]]

yes, I can get them for one dollar, but when I tear down them, I find their components are smaller than other original charging heads, and some has no protection circuit, and heat dissipation differs :smiley: and I prefer the original charger, though the price is higher, the quality is good and it has warranty

Are any of the 18650 chargers for a dollar any good? Some of them I’ve seen don’t seem to have circuitry to cut the power upon reaching termination voltage.

the higher the price, the better the quality, ok ? if you want to be safe, don’t touch those cheaper battery

i’ve found that they do stop at the right voltage
where they fall down is, that is all they do
they are slow to charge, because they do not do the first phase of charging - which is before 4.2V is reached
they supply low current all the time, and ignore the charge phase where they could be giving it more current
it is known as CC/CV charging - they ignore the CC part and just do the CV - the slow part


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