Review: Charger Soshine SC-S2

Soshine SC-S2

This is a two channel 18650 LiIon charger with some smart features.

I got the chargers without any accessories or box, only a standard 12V volt power adapter was included. The adapter has US plug but is universal voltage.

The charger has one connection, it is for 12V power, either the supplied adapter or a car adapter can be used to supply power.

There is a two color led for each of the two charger channels:

  • Off: No battery in charger
  • Red flashing: Error.
  • Red/green flashing: Battery voltage to low
  • Steady red: Charging.
  • Green flashing: Charging nearly complete (Only 10-20 minutes left).
  • Steady green: Charging complete.

The charger can handle 70 mm long batteries, and both button and flat top cells.
The charger is only rated for xx650 batteries and can only hold that size, but adding a spacer makes it possible to charge xx500 batteries.


At low voltages the charger will charger with a low current (4.4mA), this will reset any tripped protection.
Between 1.56 volt and 3.72 volt it charges with 180 mA. This is designed to soft charge empty batteries, but the 3.72 is way to high.
Between 3.72 volt and 4.2 volt the charger is applying regular charge current with constant current, when 4.2 volt is reached it uses a constant voltage charge.
The charger stops when the current has dropped to about 200mA.
When the battery goes above 4.2 volt or the charge stops the current is turned off (discharges with up to 220 uA current).
The charger will restart if the battery voltage goes below 4.1 volt, the power has been interrupted or the battery is replaced.
When charger is disconnected from power, but with a battery in, it will draw about 2.2 mA from the battery (This is shared between the two batteries).
The green led start blinking when charger current is down to 350mA.

The charge curve is CC/CV, but most of the time the charger is charging with reduced current, first when the battery reach 3.72 volt will it charge with (about) 1A. This makes the charge time about 10 hours for a 3100mAh battery.
This looks like the charger tries to implement the full LiIon charging algorithm, but got the threshold voltage wrong (somewhere around 3 to 3.3 volt would be much better).

The current and voltage is slightly different for the second channel.

Charging on both channels at the same time and measuring on the first channel, it looks exactly like when only the first channel is used, i.e. the channels are fully independed.

This time I have charged a battery with a higher voltage and the charger will engage full charging current earlier

Using an old battery that cannot keep the voltage above 4.1 volt, the chargers keeps restarting the charge cycle. The CC/CV profile is also somewhat distorted.


This charger follows a CC/CV charging profile and also supports long 18650 cells. It also has the smart feature with the flashing green lamp, when the battery is nearly charged.
The above could make the charger one of the best one the market, but it has a few details that spoil it: The slow charge speed and the termination current is a bit too high. The slow charging speed just requires patience and the termination current means that the battery is a few percent below maximum capacity.
I do like the charger and hope Soshine will fix the 3.72 volt threshold.


The charger was supplied by Orbtronic for review.

Here is an explanation on how I did the above charge curves: How do I test a charger

Great review as always, HKJ :crown:

I agree with you, that threshold make it quite slow. BTW, when I saw this charger, I remembered this one from TF. Do you plan to make a review of that TF or others, NiMH/NiCd only chargers? Thanks, mate ;)

thanks for the review!!

Greetings, kreisler

I do not have any fixed plans for charger reviews.

I have this one as well as the four-slot Soshine. They both do well for me and it's charger nirvana for me to be able to do 4 at once.

Not to mention excellent shipping times from Orbtronic!


Thanks again for yet another great review HKJ!

Extremely well done review as usual. Thanks so much! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Thx HKJ!

Too bad about the too high voltage threshold. Otherwise it seems this is one of the few chargers that really follow the CC/CV algorithm AND takes longer cells. But if they fix it it would rock!

Thank you HKJ.

I always appreciate the hard work you put into these reviews. I'm particularly impressed that you'd take on a Soshine after being (in my opinion) rudely treated by an individual "over there" that appeared (also my opinion) to be an Orbtronic employee posing as a civilian.

Great review. You must have to put in a lot of time on these reviews with all of the great documentation. Looks like a really nice charger other than the long charge time.

I believe you are referring to the discussion about review of a Soshine charger. In my opinion it is up to the dealer/manufacturer if they want to sponsor a review, in that particular case the excuse was rather bad, but it is still their decision.

That depends on the charger, the Soshine was easy, but the i4 did require a lot of time.

It is a nice charger, but that only makes it much more frustrating that they got that voltage wrong.

I hope that I sometime in the future receive another Soshine charger where it is fixed, especially because it is easy to fix. But that is just my hope and Soshine (or the dealer) has not promised anything.

Another great review.

I wished more would tell it like you do.

Awesome job!

My head is swimming…. I never knew there would be so many considerations when purchasing a LED flash light (i.e., emitter, batteries, charger). I’ve been reading for hours.

Can someone please tell me if this charger is a better choice than the Xtar WP2 II? I’m only looking to charge 18650’s.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The actual charging algorithm is slightly better than WP2, but due to the slow charging speed I would prefer the WP2.

Aloha and welcome to BLF jeffshead!

Welcome to the club, jeffshead!

charging current is 180ma for over 500mins then skyrockets to almost 1.0A

doesn’t look very good. most of my chargers use soft-start current at below 3.0v only

It does not damage the battery in any way, and the termination is good, but it might be a bit taxing on your patience.

hi hkj, great job on all your reviews! just wanna say i like them very much, very thorough

as for the charger, it would’ve been a “gentle” charger had it not spiked the current to 1000ma. just doesn’t make sense to spend over 8hours doing 180ma then suddenly blast it with 1000 LOL