Review: Cima 1058 Fixed Blade Knife- 9Cr18MoV, 62 HRC, G10, Drop Point, Hollow Ground.

Hey BLF, here’s my latest budget knife review. The Cima 1058 Fixed Blade with 9Cr18MoV steel. It’s a budget blade currently hovering at a little over $22 USD. I got two of Cimas new fixed blades in for review and boy am I impressed. I beat the crap out of this knife, did a little edge maintenance with my Spyderco Sharpmaker, and then carved some pumpkins afterwards. It’s a solid weighty knife that hits the scales a little under 8oz. with a 3.7 in (9.5cm) blade. It’s a great all around utility knife that sort of looks like it was made for a bushcrafting chef.

Anyway my review is short and sweet, and isn’t a tabletop. It has humor, a wide variety of shots, nice macros, and shot in crisp 1080p like a short film. Hope you like it.

Gear Best provided me with this blade for review and here is the link they provided me.

but Iam done with gearbest I never recived my Ganzo I ordered since June 25th ,I corresponded with customer service,they said they would send me another one so despite as much as I like that blade I’ll stay away from gear best.

At first the Ben Stein like vocal mannerisms were a little hard to deal with, but the humor and quality of the reviews really are quite good. Keep up the great work, I’ll keep watching.

Talk to your local community college machining program chair and see if they have a Rockwell tester. If you get lucky they will and you can test your knives in another metric for free probably. I think you could find some discrepancies between claimed and actual Rc. Since the cutting performance (edge retention wise at least) can be somewhat extrapolated from this number it would give you a much better idea of which knives should “edge” the others out. :bigsmile:

I’m tempted to pick up one of these and have it tested for Rc. If it’s really 62 then I’ll be interested in seeing how brittle it is. At 62 it’s one of the hardest 9Cr18MoV blades I know of, although I saw another one talked about here recently. Even with the slight amount of vanadium in it I expect the grains to be pretty large with stress left between the grain boundaries if they only temper it back to 62Rc.

Great review thanks…

How do you like that knife sharpener, works good for you?

Silver not only kills werewolves but vampires as well! :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome review as always! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that. I still have 2 orders that I need to get back to them on totaling about $15, ordered right around the same time as you. But I ordered the olight s1 and s15, they came in about a week and a half no problem- this was recently when they had the promos on them. I ordered them with tracking this time, and that seems to be the winner. I know there’s no excuse really, but just saying I understand where you’re coming from.

Well it’s kind of my voice, so I can’t change it. My delivery is sometimes a bit wooden because I’m literally reading a script, but I’ve been trying getting better at it. Either that or it’s umms… or long pauses, or me repeating myself and the videos are suddenly a lot longer. There are times where I completely trash a voice over and start over too.

I will say that, after beating the knife up the other day… no tiny chips at all, or edge rolling for that matter. Plus it sharpened right up with the Sharpmaker. Although the angle was ever so slightly re-profiling it, it made it hair shaving sharp after a few passes at a 40 degrees.

It’s good enough for me. I’d like it if there were maybe a few other angles, but it’s fine. I hear there are really amazing ones out there like the wicked edge but I can’t afford it. I’ve also tried free handing it before, and screwed up some edges pretty thoroughly, so decided that really wasn’t for me. The problem is, is that some knives have completely different angles, and often you’re not even touching the edge when you’re sharpening, so you could make 100 passes of taking off steel that doesn’t matter leaving the knife no sharper. I found this to be the case on old pocket knives and kitchen blades. If you want to be the most effective, you’ll probably need the diamond stones, which I haven’t yet splurged on. The key is, don’t move on to any of the other stones or the flat sides until it’s sharp on the gray one first.


Another entertaining review. Tactical situation, BEARS. For a split second i bought it! :smiley:

Thanks for the review. It looks to be a nice camp knife.

“Most tactical situations involving knives usually encounter one of three foes.

First - bears… OK, just kidding, it’s actually arm hair, paper, and cardboard.”

Classic! It’s about eight inches, I swear!

My motto is, never get into a bear fight with a knife. I think.

That’s a good description of it. It’s a nice camp knife.

I don’t know if my arm hair can handle the next one. When I measured the knife and it was 8 inches, it was like it was right there in front of my face. Err I mean, the joke wrote itself.

Thanks for posting this. A great detailed review on what appears to be an excellent knife with a budget price, I like the scalloped handles and how the design of the butt is similar to the buck/Strider ML.

Both this and the Cima-1 are impressive sub $25 fixed blades that are well built and can take a beating. I should have the Cima 1 review up this week or next- which is a flat ground, bushcraft style knife. Love these blades.

Your ARM HAIR is 8 inches?

Depends all on who’s askin!

Good steel but really i do not like the design, however other cimas like me but the 7cr17mov so so. And the cima with good design (for me) and 9cr18mov has a little high price…

Yeah, I know which one you mean. It’s a nice looking blade. I wanted to do a review of that one, but they said I should try one of these first. I’m pretty impressed with the steel so far. These are both very nice knives.

Great Knives but its GearWorst and I am waiting on 3, 40 day plus orders so I will have to sadly say Nooooo.

Thanks you guys !!!

I feel ya, me too. I wanna say it’s over 60 days on my two.

You can’t always count on that. Some smart people have tried to compile a list of vampire traits for Wikipedia. I don’t believe there’s been enough research into the efficacy of silver to kill vampires that we can claim it as a fact.

I liked the "chopping" segment.