[REVIEW] ClipSwitched Streamlight MicroStream USB

ClipSwitched Flashlight: (Streamlight MicroStream USB with ClipSwitch mod)

Reviewer's Overall Rating: (Two different ratings)

For the Streamlight MicroStream USB: ★★★☆☆

For the Streamlight MicroStream with ClipSwitch Mod: ★★★


Battery: Proprietary 10440 Li-ion Cell
Switch: Forward clickie at the Tailcap + ClipSwitch Mod
Modes: 2 (High 250 lumen - Low 50 lumen)
LED Type: C4
Lens: Glass
Tailstands: No
Price Paid:
From: ClipSwitch (BLF User)
Date Ordered: 2020

As this is a modded flashlight, I decided to "split" both the ratings and the pros and cons, because both the un-modded flashlight has it´s pros and cons, and the modded flashlight has it´s pros and cons.

Streamlight MicroStream USB ---- Pros:

  • USB Rechargeable via a hidden microusb port
  • Good runtime for a 10440

Streamlight MicroStream USB ---- Cons:

  • Proprietary 10440 cell
  • A bit bulky and heavy
  • Not much throw
  • The switch is hard to press and it gets "locked" only when you press it very deep


Modded with ClipSwitch ---- Pros:

  • Can be powered on/off without pressing the switch just by taking it out from your pocket.
  • Can change modes without using the switch

Modded with ClipSwitch ---- Cons:

  • No easy way to remove/change the battery (read later)
  • If you loose/damage/remove the clip, it will not work

Features / Value: ★★★★

This is a flashlight modded by one BLF member (ClipSwitch). One of the models he mods is the Streamlight MicroStream USB (this one). I have left more info at the end of the review, please check his links...
The main idea of the "clipswitch" mod is to have a flashlight (with clip, obviously) in your pocket.... and using the clip as a switch. No need to press a switch to power it on or off.
Just take it out from the pocket and it will be automatically switched on .... then when you finish using it, no need to press the switch to power it off... just put in your pocket and it will be automatically switched off. Pretty useful for some professionals as stated in the specified threads about clipswitch mod (see end of this review) and many other scenarios.
To allow this kind of operation, some mods needs to be done. I.e. remove the anodization in the place where the clip sits in the tailcap, remove anodization in the place where the clip sits in the body, put some kind of isolator in the tailcap threads, put glue in the tailcap threads... (more info in ClipSwitch links)..
One of the downsides of the mod, is, that due to the tailcap threads are glued, and the head can not be unscrewed by design, the battery can not be removed/replaced. To do that, you have to deal with the glued tailcap threads.

Design / Build Quality: ★★★☆☆

The MicroStream USB is a typical 1xAAA sized flashlight, but a bit longer (due to having a tailcap switch) and a bit wider (bulkier) due to having hidden USB port for charging it´s internal propietary 10440 cell.. Also is not as light as other lights which have twist switch (for obvious reasons....)
It is available in some different colors. The black, blue, and red have the same mode order (LOW-HIGH). The coyote color has HIGH-LOW mode order. Mine is coyote color. Very nice one! and it always starts at HIGH (250 lumen)!!
You can see part of the anodization removed in the place where the clip sits in the tailcap.
To show the charging port and the charging status LED, you have to slide the head to uncover them. The charging is as simple as connect a micro USB cable, the LED will be RED during charging and will be GREEN when fully charged.
In this photo, the sliding sleeve is "moved outside" and you can see both the charging port (the LED is in the oposite side).
Also youcan see part of the anodization removed in the place where the clip sits in the tailcap.
It includes a tiny USB to microUSB cable, a lanyard and a user manual.
Measured charging current during charging, and it is 0.17A. I havent fully depleted the battery because I dont want to make it suffer (Not easily replaceable battery, and also proprietary)

Battery Life: ★★★★★

Despite using a small and theoretically weak 10440 cell, I consider it to have a respectable runtime. The manufacturer claims:

HIGH (250 lumen) - 1.5 hours

LOW (50 lumen) - 3.5 hours

I dont like the fact that it uses a proprietary 10440 cell... I guess you can use a standard 10440 (I have not tried), but with a standard 10440 you will not be able to recharge it via USB.

Light Output: ★★★★

Again, despite being a 1xAAA sized flashlight, both the max output and the type of beam it produces, I consider to be acceptable.

The beam is floody. Not much throw at all.. (typical from a shallow reflector used in this small size of flashlights).

LED seems to be a C4

Manufacturer claims the following:

HIGH - 250 Lumen - 68 meters throw - 1150 cd

LOW - 50 Lumen - 31 meters throw - 250 cd

I think that is about it makes. I dont have way to verify.

HIGH mode Beamshot (white wall at 2 meters)

LOW mode Beamshot (white wall at 2 meters) -- Notice the PWM

Summary: ★★★★

As previously stated, I have to split the summary in two: one about the Streamlight Microstream USB and the other about the mod.

The flashlight itself: not much to say. The most remarkable thing about it is the USB chargin function (a must for me!)

The modded flashlight: it is a PLEASURE to have a flashlight in your pocket and that there is no need to press a switch to power it on or off. Just take it out, lights on, use it... and then to the pocket again with out the need to use a switch. Why the manufacturers dont offer this kind of function?????

This is my first review on BLF, so hope it will be ok and easy to understand.

English is not my natal language, so you may find some weird ways to write and explain things.... (sorry about that XP)

And last but not least, I want to thank BLF user "ClipSwitch" for buying, modding and sending one of his modded flashlights to me. He recently did a GAW here on BLF and due to the interest shown by me, he decided to send me one despite not being one of the winners. Thanks a lot! He has put a lot of effort and investment on this.

You can find more info about the idea in some of his threads here:


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Awesome. Thanks so much for the review! I am currently working on building custom made from scratch flashlights with ClipSwitches (that way the inherent problems with the Microstream will be no more). In the meantime, since they are relatively inexpensive to build, keep an eye out for posts from me selling a few more of these modded Microstreams.

Glad to know that more models will be available.

And… Hope the big chinese manufacturers adopt the idea!

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Very cool mod! By chance, do you know if the bezel is threaded? I want to do an emitter swap.

The best person to answer that is ClipSwitch.

Mine is still working great and the battery still has not died.

From full charge to completely empty twice a week and battery still going strong.

The included battery seems good.

Side note from your OP… Although I haven’t tried it with my Microstream USB, I tried an ET 14500 in my Macrostream USB and it seemed to work fine (but without the charging ability).